What Exactly Is a Bridal Shower?

A shower isn’t just somewhere you wash, but also a party held in anticipation for a big event in one’s life, such as giving birth or getting married…the latter would be referred to as the Bridal Shower.

The custom first originated in English-speaking countries, namely the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, at the end of the 19th century. Traditionally, it is organised by the bride-to-be, who invites her dearest and closest. Nowadays, however, it’s the Maid of Honour who plans and hosts it.

The biggest change since these showers were first introduced is the reason behind them. Today they are seen as an occasion when the women in the bride-to-be’s family can get together and enjoy each other’s company whereas, before, these were specifically planned to amass enough provisions and finances for the wedding to be able to take place and for the newlyweds to set up home.

As one can assume, men weren’t allowed at these parties back in the 1890s, but as more men become Maids of Honour and women are asked to be Best Men, so are men being invited to these events – obviously making this more of a social gathering than ever before.

Bridal Shower 2

So, if you’re a Maid of Honour and this sounds like your kind of thing, here are some tips:

Sit down and have a think: In this day and age, a bridal shower is often thrown as a surprise, but this may lead to some tricky situations, such as inviting people to the shower who are not invited to the wedding If you’re sure of the guest list, go ahead; if not, it’s best not to keep it a surprise.

Choose a location: There really is no specific place where you need to hold a bridal shower. Anywhere from a garden, to a living room, to a hotel can be used to throw this party. Just remember that if the bride doesn’t know about it, then you’ll be forking out for the expenses by yourself.

Compile a guest list: A bridal shower is meant to be a small and intimate affair. Ask yourself whether you want to keep this to the bride’s closest friends or if she’d prefer you to invite her family members. Often, a bridal shower can have friends and family, while the hen do can be limited to friends.

Make sure there’s plenty of food and drinks to go round: Since people are expected to bring gifts to the bridal shower, refreshments are often provided. There’s nothing wrong in asking other friends to pitch in with a dessert or a warm dish for this, though.

Bridal Shower 3

And, there you have it! Send out the invitations and enjoy!


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