Wedding TimeLine

  • As soon as you get ENGAGED

    ♥ Create a wedding binder.
    Keep all the ideas, photos and correspondence in it
    and store it in an easy-to-access place.

    ♥ Start thinking of a theme / profile of the type of
    destination wedding you would like to have.

    ♥ Consider Malta as your potential
    ‘wedding destination’ and contact the team at
    I DO KNOT for a tailor-made proposal to
    guarantee an unforgettable wedding experience
    with your loved ones -

  • 12 months Prior

    ♥ Start thinking on possible wedding dates and
    narrow them down to a max of 3.
    Tip: if you are flexible on your wedding date it makes us more
    flexible to find a date where your preferred venue and our most
    trusted vendors are all available.

    ♥ Settle on a budget you are comfortable with.

    ♥ Start compiling your guest list and get contact
    Tip: Do not over invite assuming some guests will not make it due to the travel involved.

  • 11 months Prior

    ♥ Begin shopping for wedding dresses.

    ♥ Shortlist your preferred accommodation
    to offer to your wedding guests, so the
    team at I DO KNOT shall block the requested
    number of rooms and guarantee availability at
    preferential rates.

    ♥ Consider visiting Malta, especially if you have
    never been before so as to meet your local experts
    at I DO KNOT and be able to view the options
    proposed in person.

  • 10 months prior

    ♥ Your trusted wedding planner at I DO KNOT
    shall start working on creating your wedding
    , which will contain information related to
    Malta in general, accommodation options, travel
    requirements and the wedding day itself.

    ♥ Make destination wedding planning trip to Malta and
    meet your local partners at I DO KNOT as well
    as their trusted vendors who shall work together in
    making your wedding truly unforgettable.

    ♥ Choose your bridal party and attendants and
    communicate this news to them.
    Tip: We have some really innovative ideas of how you can pop the question to your bridal party, which we’ll be happy to share

    ♥ If you are opting for a symbolic ceremony,
    appoint a family member or friend to perform the

    ♥ Finalise your actual wedding date after
    considering vendor availability (church and venue
    being the most important 2, unless you are not
    particularly choosy).

  • 9 months prior

    Finalise your guest list.

    ♥ Together with your destination expert at I DO KNOT, plan the ceremony and reception decor.

    Choose ceremony and reception music.
    Test out your playlist a few times before the big
    day so you know what music is best during dancing
    versus dinner time.

    Order your gown and have any necessary alterations done.

  • 8 months prior

    ♥ Make travel arrangements to the destination

    ♥ Mail your save-the-date cards to your invitees
    and communicate your wedding website so they
    can start corresponding with your destination
    expert from I DO KNOT to organise their travel

    ♥ Complete itinerary for tours or any additional
    events you wish to offer to your guests. These
    should also be included in the wedding website.

    Set up gift registries.

    ♥ Determine style, formality and colours of your

    ♥ Consider style of stationery and invitations to
    incorporate your wedding theme chosen
    (speak to us for ideas and options).

    Plan and book your honeymoon (unless you
    opt for a lengthened stay in Malta as your mutual
    wedding/honeymoon destination).

  • 6 months prior

    ♥ Start thinking about bridesmaids’, groom and
    groomsmen attire.

    Tip: A more practical and probably cheaper alternative would be to rent these from Malta. This would save you excessive costs for the actual purchase and pressing (due to travel creases), as opposed to a very reasonable rental fee that our trusted vendor charges. If interested, we shall be more than happy to forward you a large variety of style and colour options to choose from.

    ♥ Order hair accessories.

    ♥ Order jewellery.

    ♥ Shop for wedding rings.

    ♥ Edit, proof and print your wedding invitations.

  • 5 months prior

    ♥ Discuss options for bridal transportation,
    wedding cake, music, flowers and other
    and communicate your final selections to
    your trusted planner at I DO KNOT to be able
    to confirm the exact selection with the respective

    ♥ Work together with your planner on ceremony
    and buy any necessary items you may wish
    to add yourself.

    ♥ Finalise wedding day menu.

  • 4 months prior

    ♥ Purchase gifts for parents and bridal party
    (optional) and order wedding favors (optional) – for
    a truly unique gift and/or favors, we invite you to
    speak to us to be able to share a few unique ideas
    that can be locally produced in Malta and will give
    your guests an extra wow to speak about.

    ♥ Purchase any other bridal accessories you may
    need such as shoes, lingerie, garter, etc.

  • 3 months prior

    ♥ Address, stamp and mail your invitations.

    ♥ Review contracts signed and familiarise yourself
    with timings, itinerary, etc.

    ♥ If you opted to rent or purchase the bridal party
    attire from home, start liaising about collection and organise any required alterations.

  • 2 months prior

    ♥ Start creating seating charts (if applicable).

    Follow up on guests who have not yet responded.

    Purchase wedding rings
    (if you haven’t already done so).

  • 4-6 weeks prior

    Confirm final numbers with your trusted planner
    at I DO KNOT to be able to give a final reply to the
    vendors (florist, caterer, etc).

    Finalise a wedding day itinerary (if you think
    necessary) and communicate it to your planner to
    be able to forward to the vendors accordingly.

    ♥ Finish any DIY projects related to your wedding.

  • 2 weeks prior

    Finalise seating chart.

    ♥ Your wedding planner at I DO KNOT shall
    confirm all vendor arrival or delivery times
    on the wedding day.

  • 4-5 days prior

    Arrive at wedding destination.

    ♥ Your wedding planner from I DO KNOT will
    take you around to meet the most important
    vendors: caterer, florist, photographer, etc to
    go through the details in person and if time allows,
    organise a ceremony rehearsal.

    ♥ Your wedding planner would have also organised
    any extra bridal beauty treatments requested
    (manicure, pedicure, etc – no change in facial
    products at this time ; any change in cleansers
    and make up should be done at least one month
    prior to the wedding) and a trial session for
    hair & make up.

  • on your wedding day

    Relax, say I DO and live happily every after…