It’s incredible to believe after all that time organising and preparing for your big day, it flashes by and is over in what feels likes a couple of hours. Having a little something to give to your guests and a wedding keepsake for both you and your partner is a touching way to remember your special day.

When your planning your destination wedding, it is always nice to consider wedding favors for your guests that have made the effort to be part of your special day. The hard bit is trying to pick something that can be used and/or kept that isn’t going to be thrown in the cupboard and forgotten about. All depending on if you have a wedding theme, if your space is limited or you can leave it to us at I DO KNOT to arrange for you from our side, which is why we have come up with a few suggestions of cute wedding favors your guests will love!

Beach Wedding:

  • A tray of sunglasses
  • Flip flops – different colours for the boys & girls plus a tote bag
  • Personalised fans
  • Personalised water bottles


Rustic Weddings:

  • A packet of seeds to ‘watch the love grow’
  • Personalised miniature bottle of herbs/spices
  • Natural products – homemade lipbalm
  • Teacup filled with a mini plant


Wedding Extras: –

  • CD with the wedding playlist burned on
  • Mugs with guests initial on, filled with chocolate or sweets
  • A single use camera
  • Luggage tags with wedding details engraved
  • Cookie station with takeaway tubs
  • Tic Tac’s – mint to be
  • Shot glasses personalised with wedding date and bride & groom’s names
  • A glass station – write your name on a glass, yours to keep



Even with special memories and photographs of your big day, it is always nice to include some keepsakes for yourselves. Wedding keepsakes are fantastic and an extra way of cherishing your wedding memories, they are also fun for your guests to fill out or make whilst your enjoying the beginning of married life. This tradition has been around for years and there are fabulous of ways to create wedding keepsakes personal to you. Again you could make the keepsakes relevant to your wedding theme or you could have something totally alternative. Some couples even leave their keepsakes until their first wedding anniversary to look through as it is a nice reminder and something to look forward too!

Below are some suggestions to set your imagination off:

  • Jenga pieces to write a small message on – ‘building memories’
  • Heart shaped pieces of paper to write a message on
  • Polaroid camera for pictures to be taken and then stuck in an album with a message underneath your picture
  • A large jigsaw with the pieces to be written on
  • A log of wood to be signed – ‘a guest log’
  • Personalised paper/card coasters with room for a message
  • Postcards of your destination wedding with the back free to write on
  • Items such as: corks, a pallet, skateboard, beach umbrella, pegs, can all be used to write on as a keepsake
  • One for the ladies – lipstick left for a kiss to be left with a note left underneath
  • One for the men – moustache stickers to be chosen and then a message written underneath
  • A patchwork quilt – each patch per guest or couple for a message to be left

Whichever option you feel suits you best or even if you have something else in mind, we at I DO KNOT can make these moments of a lifetime into a reality and ensure your keepsakes will be keeping your wedding memories well and truly alive.

Article by Guest Blogger Charlene McKenzie

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