Wondering about the food and drink for your wedding in Malta? Here’s some inspiration!

Culinary Culture
Everyone wants their wedding menu to be perfect, which is why a destination wedding menu can promise something exciting and unique for your guests.

Malta’s culinary culture reflects its diverse community and history; this means the island’s fantastic caterers can create a menu that is as individual you are and as eclectic as your wedding party.

The Maltese way of life revolves around food and drink with specific food for festas (feasts) and almost every month of the year – and, of course, life events, including weddings, are no exception. Plus, dietary requirements are no hassle and the islands can offer organic, gluten free, vegetarian Halal and raw menus, amongst various others.

Here every day food is heavily influenced by Sicilian and British cuisines, but with a strong Asian and Middle Eastern thread also weaving geographic and economic ties with both regions. The fact that the island is also part of the EU makes it easy to import any ingredient too – so the sky is the limit when it comes to the imagination behind your menu.

In fact, as all top local chefs all have international training as part of their culinary development, and with a strong tourism sector, Malta has experience feeding people from across the globe. And the results are delicious!

Your Dream Theme
The Maltese are perfectionists and will thrive on ensuring every detail is considered and the choices are yours. Your menu can be prepared and presented in either sit down or reception-style. You can even have fun with the attire of the waiting staff or have them burst into song to surprise your guests!

Receptions can be catered in a variety of themes. Here are some ideas that we love:

Festival – have your reception themed in the latest trend with hipster food trucks and live bohomusic
Funfair – popcorn carts, candyfloss, mini burgers, fish ‘n’ chips – relive your childhood!
Traditional – the Maltese and Gozitans have specific traditions you can dip into, to make your wedding unique. The local culture has all sorts of nuances to spoil and entertain your guests
Colour-Coded Weddings are such fun too – perhaps you’d like to create your own cocktail as a welcome drink?
Beach – elegant or informal, sandy or rocky, Malta has beaches to suit every taste. There are very portable catering teams and equipment available to match
Vineyard – pair indigenous foods with local wines in a romantic setting under the stars
At Sea – sail up the coast or around one of the other islands, and have a sumptuous buffet on board a gullet, then take a midnight dip!
Film – so many blockbusters were filmed in Malta, so you could use real movie locations and theme your event accordingly. Take your pick from Troy, Gladiator, By The Sea, Popeye, Lord of the Rings, The league of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Midnight on the Orient Express, the Count of Monte Kristo and event Game of Thrones.

So, the choice is yours! Whatever your desire, we can start with a tasting session and work closely with you and your chosen venue to ensure we build the event and menu to suit you. Please do contact us to discuss your requirements.

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