Wedding Floral Trends for 2017

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and choosing the right wedding flowers can either make it or break it.

The biggest trend for 2017 is the ‘bringing the outdoors in’.  Large oversized foliage is used to create a very natural look.  The key style portrays colourful or simple tone flowers (your choice) added for some extra effect.  As written in our recent blog article: “Wedding Colour Trends“, pastel hues are still in high demand, but also mixed with deep shades of Berry or Fucshia to create contrast and warmth.

Depending on the chosen wedding venue and if the reception is suited in the same venue, flowers can be used for the ceremony and also the reception. Considerations to think about when decorating the possible venues are – do you want to use real flowers throughout? Are flowers suitable at your chosen venue? Will you use the bride’s bouquet as a display piece? Do any of the guests have allergies?

Key Wedding Floral Trends:

  • Hanging flowers & Chandeliers (also known as canopies or installations) look absolutely gorgeous and really stand out. Many designs for the chandeliers are simplistic yet have the WOW factor, some are covered in foliage with plenty of green on show whereas others have long stemmed pretty pastel coloured flowers hanging down, simply stunning.
  • Garlands  are usually seen during the Christmas period, but have made a comeback for all seasons. Usually placed on long rectangle tables (which are a new trend in themselves) they are easy to decorate and emphasis the outdoors look trend. Garlands can be made with Ivy, Ferns or Jasmine and need a lot of foliage. Flowers used to decorate the garland can be of any style but one which enhances the wedding colour theme to tie it all into place.
  • Old fashioned Wedding FloralsVictorian style flowers that have rarely been used in weddings for years are making a strong comeback. Flowers such as; daises, bleeding hearts, dahlias and peonies are all coming back into fashion. The Victorian style is one that oozes opulent and lavishness with the floral display full and wild with plenty of fresh flowers on show. Pastel hues are a must for this period too, enhancing the style of sophistication and simplicity.
  • Fuchsia Flower TrendsPink is a very popular trending colour for 2017 in all shades! Flowers such as the garden rose, anemone, ranunculus and peonies are brilliant types to use yet any colourful pink flower will have the desired effect.
  • Bohemian Style using colours like berry, red, blues and greens are definitely on trend. The boho ambience is one of a free and natural design with a variety of shades of colours used creating warmth and texture to give off a well-balanced feeling. Again contrasting colours are a must, using light pastels work well with these.
  • Brooch Bridal Bouquets are beautifully created bridal bouquets made out of brooches, very original and a timeless keepsake. Brooches can be given by family and friends to create a sentimental wedding piece or brooches can be bought. These are a fashion statement and are very unique. They have stemmed from a designer called Amanda who designs for Fantasy Floral Design and are becoming more and more popular.
  • Metallics are making a stand in 2017 adding sophistication and style to weddings. Gold, silver and metallic pink are fabulous trending colours, with added glitter and crystals enhancing any wedding floral display. Crystals and pearls are also used widely with the bridal brooch bouquets.

With the trends set out, good luck brides to be!

Article by Guest Blogger Charlene McKenzie

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