Wedding Dress Styles to suit your shape

We all have different shapes and sizes so when choosing your wedding dress style you want to ensure you maximize your finest assets.  It is very important to feel amazing on your big day and the tips below will help you get the most out of your shape and size.

Understanding your Body Shape

Learning and understanding what type of shape your body is is the first step, to highlight your best bits and to cover your unfavorable parts.  So first you need to find out your shape:

  • Pear – When your lower body is wider than your upper body. Your hips are slightly larger than your shoulders.
  • Hourglass – A curvaceous shape where your shoulders are the same width as your hips with your waistline smaller.
  • Apple – This is where most of the weight is above your legs, having a broad upper-body and good legs.
  • Rectangle – When your shoulder, hips and waist are all the same width.
  • Inverted Triangle – Wide shoulders and chest, narrowing down to your waist, hips and legs.

wedding dress style

 If you can’t pick out your shape from the list above, the most practicable thing to do is to look at your body in the mirror and pick out your best bits (we all have something). Are your arms looking well? Do you have a good bust? Does your waist nip in? Shapely legs?

Once you have discovered your shape you now need to work it to it your advantage, showing off those fabulous parts of you.

Wedding Dress Styles to suit your Shape

The more versatile dress that can be worn by several shapes is the classic A-line dress.  This is flattering on all shapes, especially pear shape.  The clinching in under the bust creates a flowing look concealing any unwanted areas.

Another gifted wedding dress applicable for most shapes is the V-Neck Empire Dress.  Again with the nipped in detail below the bust and a V-neck cut to highlight the upper body area, this dress is very versatile.  Thus ideal for bigger busts and fuller figures.

A very similar attire is the Empire Dress, having the tucked in detail below the bust. As a style, the dress is strapless which can be suited to most brides (as long as you don’t mind your arms on full show).

The Ballgown can be particularly versatile for all shapes yet suits pear and slender figures especially well.  It enhances curves and upper physique whilst covering the lower body.

A Mermaid Dress accentuates curves in a corset-like bodice to the waist with a flared lower body starting from around the knee area.  The style is suited for slender brides or for ladies wanting to highlight their curvaceous body.

For petite, slender or hourglass shaped brides there is the Sheath Dress that emulates the classic bridal look. This style of dress can be worn to create a lengthier shape for the more petite lady.  However, brides beware, this dress does not hide problem areas well.

The Trumpet Dress is a style designed with hourglass and slim and slender figures in mind.  Yet is also versatile with the wrap like designs on many of the dress’ covering many unwanted areas.

Finally the Tea-Length Dress, similar to the 50’s fashion, can be worn by the less traditional bride. It is suited to most shapes with emphasis on shoulders, waistline and legs.


The tips above are barely a guideline and you the bride know your body and personality best. Always go for what you want and not only based on what the fashion dictates. As they say ‘you will know it’s the right dress when you try it on’.

Good luck brides-to-be.



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