Colour Trends and Combinations for Weddings in 2017

Choosing your wedding colours can be an especially difficult decision.  Having the right colour scheme enhances the look and feel of your wedding style ten-fold. Below are some inspirational ideas for you to ponder over to help get your imaginative juices flowing ready for your beautiful big day in 2017.

Factors that influence the wedding colour scheme

Deciding on your colour scheme will depend on a number of factors: venue chosen, wedding setting and time of year.  In case of the latter, seasonality is a major determining factor when choosing your colour scheme.

Colour trends and combinations for weddings in 2017 are ranging from light pastel hues: cream, blush, dark champagne, sage, rose, aqua, peach and pink to more contrasting warm darker shades such as French blue, cranberry, gold and dark grey.

Instead of opting for just one colour throughout the wedding, the contrast of mixing a combination of shades works spectacularly.  This may create an elegant mix of warmth and delicateness.

Deciding on the style of colour will then dictate the design and your wedding ethos. For rustic, vineyard and couture styles the light-airy pastel shades of rose, blush, sage green and dark champagne contrasting with French blue or dark grey for the groom and bridesmaids/groomsmen will give this effect perfectly. It is also a befitting option for those wanting a more traditional wedding approach as the look oozes the classic smart style with exquisite elegance.

For a light elegant summer venue, pastel shades work fabulously alongside bright fresh colours such as Aqua, Pink, Green or Coral maximising the beach look or garden province style. This combination works equally as well with warmer shades of green, gold and cranberry which style can be included for weddings in magnificent historical grounds and churches which are in abundance here in Malta.

Create a Mood Board to help you picture the combinations better

You might be overwhelmed with the variety of colour schemes you come across and which you like.  To help you finally decide on the one you wish to incorporate in your big day, we advice to create a mood board.  Mood boards will make it easier to coordinate colours across the entire wedding details starting from invitations to attire and venue decor.  It will also make it easier for you to envision how the entire look will come together on the day.

Something to keep in mind is that whilst lighter colours are more fresh and romantic, darker shades are more formal and classic.

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Article by Guest Blogger Charlene McKenzie

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