Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

The cutting of the wedding cake is a ceremonial part of the wedding day and is always incorporated into the special day with as much gusto and delight as a long held tradition deserves. Cakes in general have now become popular within society yet wedding cakes have gone through the roof. There are so many styles and themes that are being used for the weddings, they are then integrated in to the style of the wedding cake setting the way for some spectacular and innovative wedding cakes.

We have put together some hot topics below that are trending this year’s wedding cake scene.

Simple/Minimal: A huge trend this year is to have a wedding cake that is of a simple design with minimal fuss. Textures are huge and are a great way to add a simple design to the cake bringing a very contemporary and classic look to the cake. Decorations can include; small dainty toppers, fruit, berries, chocolate, flowers (real or edible) or the opposite by using these decorations but on a large scale to emphasise against the simplicity of the cake.

Naked Cake: This has been a hot trend for the last few years and is still a strong contender for weddings. The cake is a natural sponge with cream filling with as many tiers as you like. The cake can be plain sponge or chocolate yet the idea is that there is no frosting covering it exposing the sponge. Decorations can include; berries, fruit, chocolate flakes or flowers.

Semi-naked Cake: This is very similar to the naked cake yet has a slight covering over the sponge so it is partially seen. The sponge can be natural, chocolate or of a dyed colour and the cream would then be the same colour as the dye, for example purple sponge with purple cream smeared over it. Decorations can include; berries, fruit, chocolate flakes or flowers.

Drip Cakes: This again is similar to the naked and simple cake design yet the idea is that the top of the cake has icing or frosting dripping down the sides. It can be dripping halfway or all the way to the bottom. Some bakers have been able to create drip cakes from the bottom up, creating a stunning display. The cake itself can be of any design yet the drip would be of a contrasting colour to really stand out. Many designs are usually simple and then using a colour that is suited to the wedding theme for the drip. Decorations can include; berries, fruit, chocolate flakes or flowers but would usually be something dainty as to enhance the drip feature.

Geometric Cake: This is where the cake is either shaped in a geometric style such as a hexagon, rectangle, square or that the design on the cake is geometric. Icing, frosting or glazed sugar can be used to create geometric shapes and is used as 3D decorations to go on the cake or the icing that is already on the cake can be patterned in a geometric design, both variations look amazing! Cakes can be in several tiers or just one on its own. The design can be colourful or contrasting depending on how the geometric has been designed and on the base colour of the cake. Decorations can include; fruit or flowers yet giving emphasise on the geometric pattern.

Marble Cake: This is where the frosting or icing has a marble effect creating a stunning effect. This can be used on either the whole cake, one or two tiers or only on a small section of cake. Decorations can include; flowers or cake toppers yet again something delicate and small so as not to take the emphasise away from the style of the cake.

Metallic & Metallic Mix Cakes: This isn’t only a trend for cakes yet is a hot trend in colour schemes for weddings this year where everybody is embracing the metallic rage. The main colours used are: gold, silver, copper and gunshot metal yet blush, lilac and soft pastels work fabulous creating a wonderful contrast to the shade. It also balances the somewhat metallic reputation for a slightly prettier style.  How much metallic used if up to you, either having all tiers covered in metallic, using one or two looks great or having a strip of metallic running through the tiers or with it covering the top part of tier, all looks fabulous.

To create a metallic mix is where you would use different textures and styles alongside a metallic tier or by having the metallic colour within a textured tier such as; gold diamanté’s or sparkle crusts. This design is a pure statement cake. Decorations can include; ribbon, cake topper, sparkly/glitter flowers or real flowers yet it wouldn’t need much decoration, as it is already a statement cake.

Ombre: This type of design is where the colour ranges from a light to darker shade. It looks beautiful and can really tie in the wedding colour scheme. The amount of contrast is dependent on yourself and how colourful you would like it to be.  Decorations can include; berries, flowers and cake toppers.

Geode Cakes: This is a truly incredible design and looks something like an avalanche of coloured snow trailing over the cake by using rock candy that can be dyed any colour, it mimics a geod’s crystalline texture. No decorations are needed for this type of cake or unless for absolute want, a small cake topper or flower piece could lay on the top of the cake.

Macaroon / Cupcake Towers: Instead of your usual type of cake some couples are opting to have small cupcakes or macaroons built into a tower and used as a wedding cake. These are fun and pleasing on the eye if you want an alternative style of cake. They can be decorated in your wedding colours and flavoured with a variety of fillings, ensuring there’s something for everyone at your wedding.

 With so many tasty and extremely eye pleasing wedding cakes about, the choice of having to pick your own can be a difficult one. Hopefully this would have given you food for thought and will inspire you. Good luck couples.


Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie

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