Not everybody dreams of the typical traditional ‘white’ wedding’. Some people want something a little more ‘way out’ and different to everyone else.

Malta is the perfect place for all kinds of weddings – ranging from the traditional to the alterative. If you would like something unique for your special day, then Malta is the place for you! In fact, we’ve got some fab ideas for those of you who really want something off the beaten path and out of the ordinary.

  • Love on the beach – Malta is blessed with stunning rocky and sandy beaches. If you have always dreamt of a boho wedding on the seashore, look no further! Just imagine enjoying your special time with your nearest and dearest while listening to the ebb and flow of the waves. Simply magical.
  • Go gardening – There are a number of gorgeous gardens dotted around Malta. If you are a nature lover, what could be better that getting married surrounded by greenery and beautiful flowers?
  • Hip but historic – With a charted history that dates back over 7,000 years, Malta has plenty to offer history buffs. Whether you want your ceremony in a centuries-old chapel or your reception in a fort, lovers of days-gone-by will be spoilt for choice.
  • Say ‘yes’ to a yacht – If you are a ‘water baby’, a day spent on the dazzling blue Mediterranean Sea that surround the Maltese Islands may be the answer. There are all sorts of amazing boats and yachts that can be hired out for a day, complete with skipper, music, food and drink.
  • Just like the movie stars – Malta has been used as a backdrop for a plethora of famous films. If you are a movie-buff, you can organise your reception at one of the many filming locations used recently. And Brad and Angelina choosing Gozo as their honeymoon destination, you really can’t get more trendy than that!
  • Pool party – There are plenty of venues in Malta and Gozo which boast of a large pool as part of their package. If you want a relaxed summer wedding, why not organise a cool pool party with your friends? Just imagine closing off your day with a big jump into the water. What fun!


Two important notes about unusual weddings in Malta:

– It isn’t actually possible to actually have a marriage ceremony everywhere in Malta… you can only do this at licensed locations. However, although you may not be able to have the ceremony on certain beaches or on the edge of a cliff, for example, you can still have a blessing or the reception at one of many exceptional locations.

– Always keep the weather in mind. Although the climate in Malta is very mild (and especially so between May and September) the weather has been known to change at a moment’s notice. So it is wise to have a backup plan just in case. Unless you and your guests don’t mind dancing in the rain, of course. In which case – carry on!

If you are the adventurous type and up to a challenge, get in touch with us at I DO KNOT and we’ll make sure we’ll provide you with some crazy and fabulous ideas for an unforgettable wedding to suit your personalities.

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