What is vintage? Vintage can be described as something from the past that is of a high quality. As with most things these days it has other meaning too such as it deriving from certain era’s and pastimes like the 20’s or 30’s generation. Another is the increasingly popular style of shabby chic, a unique and elegant style that really stands out. The more contemporary vintage style is one that oozes a classic statement with that quality air of sophistication.

When incorporating this into your big day, you will find that there are similar elements from other genres mixed in such as the rustic and bohemian style. They are all rather on the same page yet with key differences to characterise and distinguish the specific genre.

When thinking of vintage do you imagine lace, feathers, pearls, crystals? In fact it’s all of them plus more.  Metallics mixing with pastels, neutrals and lightly dusted colours, warm shades thrown in with rusted colours, textures, smoothness and pure quality items. Below we have put together some essential items for your vintage wedding.


Lace is a sure vintage statement piece and using it in your decorations is a sure winner, whether you use it to decorate tables, glasses or candles, it is definitely one to be used. Other materials such as twine, feathers, flowers, garlands, antiques such as old suitcases, boxes, tea cups and tea pots are very popular and are all fitting.  Lights and candles are a must, using the old type of string bulbs looks fantastic and are really old school.  If you want a classic vintage mixed with contemporary adding metallic with pastels gives a really edgy look. Minimalism is also a strong feature for this style; nothing too overpowering, a nice touch makes the style very charming.

Dress Attire

Starting with the ladies, the wedding dresses available now that are vintage inspired are absolutely stunning. Lace is a key factor determining this style yet the rest is up to you (well nearly). The most notable style of garment that is not worn is the Cinderella style of dress, more often than not fishtails, figure hugging or slinky and even loose gowns are worn. Sleeves or no sleeves, having your dress adorned with diamantes or beads looks stunning and is on trend with this style, even having a simple and elegant gown to emphasise your image looks fabulous too. You can even opt for a shorter fitting dress instead of the usual floor-length, very 20’s. For your bridesmaid’s the choice is far and beyond, you can stick to the norm and have matching dresses or you can branch out and order mis-matching gowns (very on-trend this year) even in a shade that is fitting to your wedding colour scheme, red, blue, purple, also wearing feather or metallic style dresses is very hot this season!

For the groom and his groomsmen the choice is quite wide with many vintage fashion icons mixing the traditional with the non-traditional. Suits with vests/waistcoats are on trend in this genre yet mixing up the type of suit worn is growing. Men wearing tweed, textured suits or sharp colours of blue and greys are in. Wearing dickie bow ties and braces are a cool feature and the men look very handsome!


The choice of venue can be anywhere really as the décor will put emphasis on the theme. Your wedding could be held either in a villa, a converted barn, an historical building yet choosing somewhere that is unique will help towards the theme. The selling point of the venue could be the exquisite flooring, the viewpoint or even the location.

Wedding Favours

Giving something back to your guests has become a prominent part of weddings and wedding favours are up there with their expectations too (no pressure). Nobody wants to give out a bottle of something that is only worthy of a space in the back of the sofa so trying to find cute and wanted favours for your nearest and dearest is essential.

Sticking to the vintage theme, having personalised teacups or teapots for the ladies, creating your own blend of brew to go in them is very sweet. Miniature bottles of champers or whiskey for the men or a personalised grooming set. Personalising chocolate is always a winner and affordable too or even making  sweetie jars with retro sweets from your school days.

Whatever you choose to do for your own wedding day, using this theme is divine, whether you choose to embrace a particular era or want a subtle hint of vintage, both are stunning and add a qualitative charm and elegance.


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