The Right Manicure to Make Your Ring Pop

 A wedding takes quite a bit of planning ahead, particularly when you’re sorting out the venue, the catering, the entertainment, and everything else in between. In fact, it’s usually the tiny details that can be overlooked – or that may seem extra. Yet this short guide to the perfect wedding manicure should take one thing off your mind!

Keep it simple: In order to let your wedding ring be the focus of your hand, opt for a clean and simple colour for your nails. This means minimising on design and nail art on the day, and keeping it to one block colour or the iconic French manicure.

Think of the colour: The colour of your nails can act as a friend or a foe if you’re looking to let your ring take centre stage. Firstly, opt for a more traditional colour for your nails – so reds, pinks or nudes rather than greens, blues, and so on. This will ensure that the colour goes well with your over-all look. Secondly, your nails could either compliment the colour of your ring or contrast it. So, if you have a ruby on your ring, why not go for red? And if you have a green emerald, why not go for pink?

The tip: Alternatively, a French manicure is always a pretty and wise choice – but it doesn’t have to be the usual manicure. Opting for a metallic tip can help reflect the shine of your ring, bringing more attention to it.

Subtle glitter: Glitter is something that makes a cameo at almost every wedding – from the dress to the food to the sparkle in your ring. Add to that by asking your nail technician to add a touch – not much! – of glitter to your nails.

Make sure they’re freshly-made: Nothing steals attention from rings more than over-grown nails. Make sure your manicure is as fresh as possible on the day of your wedding… It will make all the difference.

Nails 2

There is, of course, nothing wrong which choosing to keep your nails natural on the day. Even so, a manicure is still be recommended, particularly as many guests will ask to your the ring!



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