Staying in Love While Planning a Wedding

From finding the right venue to choosing the flowers, and from working on a budget to making sure everyone has a good time, weddings can sometimes turn into a stressful race to the altar.

Understandably, some couples tend to argue throughout the preparations – and who can blame them? With so much money and so many prying eyes, the struggle is often all too real.

But you shouldn’t let planning your wedding take over your life or, more importantly, your love. So whether you’re preparing for the big day here in Malta or elsewhere in the world, here’s a list of things you can do to ensure your relationship survives unharmed.

Put Things in Context: Your wedding day is meant to celebrate your love for one another, so don’t let petty things, such as flower arrangements or the guest lists, get in the way. Discussion is healthy and might save you a lot of money, but once that discussion ends, all the feelings that have come with it should be put aside.

Kindle Your Connection: When we argue, the last thing we feel like is kissing or hugging the person we’ve been quarrelling with. Yet it’s important to keep doing it throughout. Feel free to kiss frequently, even if you’re pissed off or angry; and don’t be too proud to lay in each other’s arms after bickering.

Define Your Roles: Most fighting comes from undefined roles and both parties expecting to have a say in the proceedings. If you agree on who will do what throughout the preparations, then you won’t need to fight for the final say.

Cook Together: Food is the key to most people’s hearts, and cooking can be a relaxing pastime that brings you closer to each other and makes you laugh and love again. The reward – which will be the delicious garb you’ve created together – will also make it more worthwhile.

Plan Your Honeymoon: All too often, a wedding ends up being about the guests and their enjoyment, so it’s crucial to have something else to plan that is solely about you and your significant other. Your honeymoon is a good place to start, particularly as it will be your first major adventure as a married couple.

So, remember: staying in love while planning your wedding isn’t difficult, but it’s something you should aim for every day.

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