Whether you want to go blue crazy or only slightly incorporating it in to your destination wedding; there are now so many options of how you can use blue, the possibilities are endless. The amount of different hues of blue that are available is amazing and mind boggling if you only thought of blue being light or dark.  There are so many variations that you really need some time to browse over them all, to name a few are; sky blue, French blue, cyan blue, turquoise, royal blue, ink blue, dusty blue, powder blue, baby blue, Persian or peacock blue and the list goes on. So once you have decided on the shade of blue you want to use the rest will be a lot easier.

As there are so many aspects to a wedding adding a hint of blue or going full on blue is easy. Below we have listed some options for you to browse over and to set your imagination off on a blue frenzy.


  • Your stationary such as invitations or save the date can be set in your chosen shade, having the R.S.V.P’s in the same colour or a contrasting shade will let your guests know that it is your wedding theme colour.
  • Using coloured ribbon or lace to decorate chairs adds a nice touch without being too overwhelming.
  • Tablecloths and napkins can be in your chosen hue or having a white/cream tablecloth with blue accessories makes a very striking table.
  • Candles, candleholders and blue glitter trinkets will also set your table up to dazzle you and your guests.
  • Creating an ambience with lighting goes a long way and having blue lights set-up around your reception party will give a pretty glowing effect. Even having long blue draping curtains with lights set against them is stunning.

Floral Arrangements:

  • There are many types of flowers that come in the shade of blue and are easy to find. Whether you want to have your bridal bouquet filled with blue flowers or just a few delicately placed posies in your bouquet, both are beautiful.
  • Or opting for a contemporary blue brooch bouquet makes an exquisite piece to hold whilst you’re walking down the aisle.
  • Having corsages and boutonnieres is an extra touch of blue, ensuring everybody is matching and sticking to the wedding theme.
  • Creating a blue floral centerpiece for the head table and for the guest’s tables really brings the colour scheme together.
  • Types of blue flowers are; cornflowers, hydrangea’s, iris’s, blue orchids, thistles, delphinium, morning glory vines and many more. You can even have tinted flowers in your chosen colour, such as roses and daises, any good florist can prepare them.

Food & Beverage:

  • Your wedding cake can incorporate the blue colour, whether using it to contrast against another colour or by having it completely blue with a lighter colour to contrast with that.
  • Many foods can be dyed these days yet if you don’t want to go too far with the blue theme, having your dessert can easily be made blue with desserts such as: macaroons, cookies, ice-cream, blueberries etc.
  • You could create a signature drink such as a mocktail or cocktail and have it blue. Or you could crust the glass rims with edible glitter, making for a very swish glass to drink from.

Wedding Attire:

If you’re a daring bride then there are some beautiful bridal gowns available in the most stunning shades of blue, yet if you want to keep to the traditional colour of white or ivory there are plenty of ways to still incorporate blue into your wedding attire.

  • Wearing a blue garter underneath your dress is a hot trend and makes for a very sexy photograph.
  • Having blue shoes instead of white/ivory is another key trend. There are beautiful and ample selections of shoes can be found not just in bridal shops but in the high street too.
  • Your bridesmaids can wear blue dresses to accentuate the colour scheme.
  • The groom and groomsmen can opt to wear a smart shade of blue for their suit or to wear either a tie or dickie bow.
  • Wearing a tiara that has small pretty blue crystals or diamantes on is a subtle yet stunning look that is easy to manage.

Wedding Extras:

If you want to keep the blue to a minimum perhaps you could add little extras with some of the options listed below…

  • Having your nails decorated in blue is a fashion statement and will really contrast perfectly against your wedding dress.
  • Choosing your wedding jewellery can be hard, yet make it simple by having hints of blue within your necklace and earrings. You could even have your engagement or wedding ring encrusted with sapphires or blue gems (if your budget allows).
  • Your make up could be made up with some light or dark hues of blue for your eyeshadow.
  • If you’re brave enough you could even colour your hair in a light pastel blue colour. This is a hot trend that is vast amongst women these days, yet whether you would want it for your wedding day is totally up to you and your style.

Hopefully this blog hasn’t made you go blue in the face and has opened your mind up to the possibilities and options available.  Whether it’s a small hint of blue you use of full blown, blue is definitely a key colour to be used this year in weddings.

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie

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