Our Services

[su_pullquote align=”right”]When you entrust I DO KNOT as your destination wedding planner in Malta, you can enjoy the perks of value-added amenities from properties in our Preferred Partner Perks program, like massages and room upgrades.[/su_pullquote] The idea behind idoKNOT is to act as the destination expert, offering full knowhow and support to the bridal couple as well as the best wedding experience to fulfill their expectations.

As your destination wedding planner and organiser, we promise to work alongside you and your ideas from the moment we receive your contact right till you exchange your vows … and only then, we promise to let you go! We shall plan your big day in a bespoke manner, offering you plenty of options and ideas.

No budget is too big or too small for us, just forward your thoughts and we’ll make it happen! For this reason, we offer 2 kinds of services:

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Bestman/ Concierge Service

couple-doing-contractsAs the term itself implies, you can make use of our services at idoKNOT simply as a guidance and referral to what is available locally.

We shall listen to what idea of a wedding you have in mind and in return guide you through the do’s and don’ts’s that apply for your destination wedding in Malta.

We shall recommend best service providers available on the island and will let you get in touch directly with them to discuss whatever you need for your big day.

We shall also guide you through the legalities and paperwork required to make sure we get you ready for your life event.

Should you wish, we can also be present on your big day to oversee the smooth running of your life event and ensure all is in order with the vendors you appoint, whilst letting your guests enjoy the occasion without any responsibilities.

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All Inclusive Organisation

couple consulting plannerIf you are after complete peace of mind and a stress free experience, then leave everything up to us as your wedding planner and organiser to the last detail.  We shall repeatedly discuss with you what you have in mind and in return feed you with our innovative ideas for a forever day to remember.

We shall incorporate the most reliable and professional wedding vendors available on the island (photographer, videographer, florist, caterer, venue, etc) and thanks to the positive business relationship we have built with them over the years, we shall negotiate the best package possible on your behalf.  The best part is that you don’t have to waste any time and energy to chase after them as we shall take over all the correspondence ourselves.

We shall ensure to organise one-to-one meetings with the specific vendors on your arrival to Malta before the big day as we believe that a good relationship and a face-to-face encounter is key to a successful event.  Any last minute changes and ideas can be discussed on spot.

And last, but definitely not least, we shall be present on your big day to ensure that everything runs smoothly and take away any last minute worries that cross your minds.  You just have to show up, exchange vows and live happily every after…leave the rest to us!