Seasonal Colour Analysis – Which colours suit you best?

Opting to wear certain colours over others is a decision that needs to be taken in harmony with your complexion.

Wearing the right palette colours makes your skin, eyes and hair glow, whilst reducing your imperfections, such as dark circles or discolouration.  On the other hand, not wearing the right colors for you might lead to your skin looking blotchy and any skin imperfections standing out, your teeth looking yellow and you simply not feeling right.

When you’re wearing a certain color, people should not notice the color itself but the way it looks on you. Imagine you’re wearing a yellow dress. You don’t want people saying: “What a beautiful dress.” You want them saying: “You look beautiful in this dress!” It’s all about how the right colors compliment you and accentuate your natural beauty.

There are four color seasons and two basic shades. We have the cool ones – winter and summer, and then we have the warm ones – spring and autumn. We are all a bit of both, but most of us lean towards one or the other. There are, however, people who are at the very balanced middle and those people are neutral and can get away with wearing pretty much anything. Lucky, right?

So first let’s try and determine what shade you are by completing some easy tests.

> Gold or Silver? The easiest way to find out if you’re a cool or a warm tone is to determine if gold or silver suits you better. The gold is of course the warm tone and the silver – the cool one. So go grab some gold and silver fabric and try them both in front of the mirror. Pay attention to your skin, teeth and eyes and which color makes them look more radiant.

> Vein Test: Another way you can determine your tone is to look at your veins. If they are blue, you’re most likely cool and if they look green, then you’re most likely warm.

> Eye Test: If your eyes are black, icy blue or a greyish shade, then you’re cool. If they are hazel or brown – you’re warm.

Remember that if some of the tests show confusing results, you’re most likely neutral.

Tip: If you’re having a hard time determining your shade by yourself, just ask for a friend’s help. A subjective opinion always comes in handy – make sure it’s a reliable and trustworthy source though!

Now that you’ve determined your tone, it’s time to find your season. It’s all about the hair now. Take a look below and see what fits your case but keep in mind that if you ever change your hair color, your season will change as well.

Warm tone + Light hair = Spring (Gwyneth Paltrow, Reese Witherspoon)

Warm tone + Dark hair = Autumn (Julia Roberts, Eva Longoria)

Cool tone + Light hair = Summer (Sarah Jessica Parker, Jennifer Aniston)

Cool tone + Dark hair = Winter (Penelope Cruz, Salma Hayek)

Here are some of the colors that complement the different seasons:

Colour Palette for clothes according to complexion

Now that you know your season, it’s time to start planning your big day and choose the perfect colors to surround yourself with. From bridesmaid dresses to flowers and table cloths, make sure it all makes YOU stand out!

Article by Bozhana Georgieva (Guest Blogger for Wedding Fashion)

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