There are a million-and-one details that go into making a picture-perfect wedding. However, when thinking about your nuptials, one image in particular seems to stand out – that incredible moment when the guests (and the groom, of course) catch their first glimpse of the beautiful bride, resplendent in her dress yes, but also with perfectly coiffed hair, styled just to her liking.

No wedding is complete without the perfect hairstyle and here are some great ideas for anyone contemplating a spring wedding in Malta this year.

Keep it Simple

Spring in Malta is all about sunshine, love and laughter so keep away from rigid hair-dos. Instead – and this works especially well if you have long hair – just give it a go with the curling iron to create flowy locks, and sweep the top part of your hair up to keep it off your face. Leave your hair unadorned or, if you feel you need some kind of accessory, just add a small sprig of two of your favourite flower. For those with shorter hair, stay away from any hair products for a lovely wild, tousled look.

Up, Up and Away

It may be a bit of a cliché, but up-dos are always going to be a wedding-day favourite, especially as they will hold together better if the weather in Malta is very warm – or if you plan to dance the night away. For spring, forget the gelled, hair-sprayed or shellacked option. Instead go for a style that will look elegant without looking too stern. Loosely gather your hair together into a ‘messy bun’ and tie it together. Finish off the look with a jewelled comb.

The Braidy Bunch

Braids are really in right now. To avoid looking like Pippi Longstockings, twist your hair into a braid or plait on top of your head, and secure well with grips. And voilà – you have an adorable young-looking style perfect for this season.


This may be the simplest hairstyle of all, but it is very effective. Pull your hair to one side, taking care to gather all errant wisps. You may need to use a bit of hairspray to ensure it stays in place. Secure it with a colourful hair tie or add a large flower. It sound quite effortless but it is guaranteed to turn heads!

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