We live in a world where proposing to your loved one has been vamped up to the max and coming up with an original proposal idea is becoming subjectively harder more and more by the day. An endearing trend that is hitting us now is one that is proposing with your pet.

As your pet is more like family than just an animal it’s no wonder that partners are choosing this type of proposal. There are countless ways to be able to offer your hand in marriage and we have listed a few below.

  • Having a dog tag with the words ‘will you marry me?’ on and have it around your pet’s neck.
  • Attaching the ring around the collar.
  • Individual signs with ‘will you marry me?’ hanging around each of your pets neck (if you have more than 1 pet)
  • Placing the ring on a necklace and then around the collar of your pet.
  • Attach balloons and a card around your pets collar and stomach.
  • Have the engagement ring in the box opened up ready with your pet sat next to it.
  • Take your pet for a walk together, as your partner isn’t looking, attach the ring or sign to the pet’s neck and wait for them to be surprised.

If you don’t have a pet but your partner has a favourite animal a proposal can still be accomplished with a careful piece of planning. Maybe it is an animal that is easily accessible such as; chickens, goats, cows or a harder to reach animal such as a wild or exotic animal like; dolphins, tigers, monkeys, snakes or a bird of prey, there is usually a way to overcome the obstacle of reaching your chosen creature.

If the animal in mind is one that is easily accessible then contacting your nearest farmer or local animal keeper would be the first port of call and explaining to them your desired plan. After making arrangements with the right people, organising signs, balloons you could arrange a day out with your loved one and take them by surprise by having everything set up and waiting for them; many places would be happy to accommodate with such things as it’s not everyday someone proposes with an animal of theirs.

If your partner’s favourite animal is harder to locate than the average animal then perhaps you could plan a weekend away and visit your local zoo or animal centre, again organising and planning ahead of your day would be wise as most places would be happy to help you out. If you would rather not then even bending your knee outside of the cage of your chosen animal will go down a treat.

Also depending on whether you want to have a surprise proposal between only you and your partner the planning can be a little harder but much more of an intimate surprise yet there’s the option of including friends and family which would make preparations that bit easier and also a distraction incase there are any chances of you being caught out.

Hopefully this will have helped give you some animal inspiration and how you can maximize your pooch for your proposal.



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