Romantic Photo Backdrops

Capturing your special day through the lens is always top of most couple’s list yet sometimes the cost of that can be rather high, especially if you’re trying to keep wedding costs to a minimum.  We have put together some creative photo backdrops that don’t cost the earth and make a fabulous fun place for you and your guests to have endless pictures taken.

The backdrop would be dependent entirely on your style of wedding, the colours you use and on your theme (if you have one). There are no rules as to whether you stay within a certain style, it can be completely creative and off the wall or it could be a minimal simple piece for a backdrop. Using key trends such as metallic colours, using simplicity, adding textures or lots of greenery is a sure way to be a part of the fashion weddings trend yet it isn’t a must do.

Below we have listed different styles and types to give you some inspiration.

  • A cardboard picture frame
  • A large cardboard postcard picture frame, you can write a message in the address space.
  • Empty frames hanging down off branches of trees.
  • If your chosen venue has a minimal backdrop or a good view you could hold empty frames with their backdrop behind you.
  • Metallic backdrops; copper, gold, silver, decorations hanging down on string to create a large backdrop to be hung on the wall.
  • Mix contrasting colours together as well as mixing textures with fabrics to make an on trend backdrop.
  • Ombre or dip dyed materials look fabulous as a feature point.
  • Bales of hay stacked up with gardening tools as props.
  • Vintage wardrobes and tables for the shabby chic style.
  • Clusters of balloons, one colour or multi coloured.
  • Vintage plates hung up on a wall.
  • A palette wall with small signs placed on it.
  • Armchairs that have been decorated.
  • Using different shapes such as stars, clouds, triangles, circles, made out of craft material & tying them all to string gives a lovely effect.
  • A wall of fans, flip flops or shells makes for a quirky backdrop.
  • Flower walls (real or paper flowers, depending on your budget).
  • Hanging carnations.
  • Vines crawling up a plain backdrop.
  • Flower arches; heavily covered in flowers or very minimal (both look fantastic).
  • Doors with a full and fancy flower arrangement decorating the top.
  • Curtains or drapes are an elegant style of backdrop – they can be easily decorated with flowers, greenery or lights.
  • Suspended fabric with a small path; can be curtains yet they need to be long.
  • Having a lit up backdrop creates a dazzling effect.
  • Using a cluster of fairy lights on their own against a wall if subtle but effective or you could place the fairy lights behind curtains or drapes to add to them.
  • Overhead chandeliers and groups of vintage lanterns oozes elegance.
  • Lit up words are fun feature points.


The list is endless of what you could use and is really down to what would suit you and your partner for your big day. It easy to get carried away of what looks amazing yet is way over budget too. Take into consideration your location of the wedding; perhaps there are subtle backdrops there that you can enhance? A good view or a large rustic tree? Or perhaps get creating your own homemade piece with the family to add to the already existing backdrop, plus it is a good opportunity to get the family involved.

Hopefully this would have given you some ideas and fancies of what may be behind you and your guests for your future wedding.

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie


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