Rustic weddings are the recent trend in the wedding industry. Rustic is a style relating to the countryside whether that is only a take on the countryside (as you needn’t have the wedding in the actual country), the great outdoors or by using a good amount of nature and natural inspired items. Even within the rustic theme there are other types of rustic styles such as shabby chic; a vintage old charm type of style using logs, trees and plenty of sumptuous flowers, the Cowboy style; where you would use long tables, use checkered accessories and seats of bales of hays and the Eco-friendly style; ensuring decorations are eco-friendly and sustainable and to a minimal and ensuring food and beverage isn’t wasted. All of these types of rustic use warm textures and patterns through out the style with each having a different adaption.

Wedding Venue:

Starting with your wedding venue, here in Malta we have an array of venues that are perfect for the rustic destination wedding.  Even if you have already committed with a venue that wasn’t as rustic as you wish it to be, we at I DO KNOT have ample ideas how to transform the space into anything you’d want it to be.

Wedding Attire:

The most important item for the bride is her wedding dress.  Locally we have a good range of bridal shops to tempt you into finding your perfect dress to buy or rent. The latter might be a more viable option especially if you wish to be more eco-friendly knowing that the dress will only be worn once.  The groom and groomsmen can arrange for their suits to be hired as well, also bringing the cost of your destination wedding lower.

Colour Scheme:

Colour schemes used for rustic themed weddings come in varying shades and hues’, contrasting with deep dark colours and pastels to create a warmth and elegance any wedding wants to project. The combination of the two contrasting colours work beautifully and tie in the couple’s attire perfectly. Pastel colours such as blush, lilac, antique gold and champagne are trending, alongside warm hues of French blue, dark green and cranberry. To name a few more; caramel, mint, peach, warm pink, soft grey and even some bright shades of turquoise and yellow have been matched together, working beautifully.

The season will also add to the theme of colour yet if you have a particular colour scheme in mind, I wouldn’t let the season of the year tell you which to choose (unless you’re a fashion queen).

Floral Decor:

Due to its elegant and romantic style, the choice of design for rustic weddings is endless. Wedding floral arrangements here in Malta are very accessible and we have an amazing team of floral suppliers to meet all demands.

A key trend for rustic weddings are floral archways – they are adversely pretty and romantic, perfect for the bride and groom to seal their marriage. The well preferred archway is one of branches and twine with flowers dressing it and drapes flowing to the sides. The flowers can be the same as your wedding bouquet to create a flowing theme or of another choice to accentuate the rustic style.

Some archways have no floral design and use only drapes or have hanging crystals or beads, creating a bohemian rustic style. Some have been designed with flowers only around the top of the arch with hanging beads/crystals, creating a delicate backdrop. Very glamorous.

Nowadays there is a trend to have an alternative archway to breakaway from the norm, to name a few:

  • Vintage doors – classic shabby chic doors with a floral arrangement above or attached to the doors
  • Old ladders with pots of flowers sitting on the rungs
  • Bales of hay – neatly stacked bales with flowers adorning them.

Other Decorations:

We at I DO KNOT have a fantastic range of wedding decorations, keeping up with the latest trends. Lanterns add a lovely rustic touch and can be hung up or placed through out your destination wedding, each including candles creating a warm, romantic feel. Candles and their holders are used lavishly, using either a simple amount or by using a few hundred to create a dazzling show of light. Lace is a key rustic trend, adding a fanciful and enchanting touch. It can be used subtly or in abundance, promoting a stunning rustic theme.

Seat covers and table runners shouldn’t be overlooked; simple touches of lace and twine together create a perfect rustic destination wedding theme.

Or adding simple flowers and candles make a splendor table centerpiece adding luxury and elegance.  


The Wedding Cake:

For your rustic destination wedding cake, simplicity goes a long way with the added touches of leaves, flowers and simple decorations bringing the rustic theme out. Here at I DO KNOT we work with experienced caterers to help decorate the best rustic themed wedding cakes on the island, ensuring your wedding cake is on trend and looking amazing! We also ensure that your cake table is as beautiful as your top table, elegantly dressed and in accordance to your theme.


And finally for transportation, the options available are also vast to be able to transport not only the bride and groom yet the whole wedding clan.  We have vintage transport catering for the shabby chic theme, old vintage buses to transport small to large parties, classic timeless vehicles for the show-stopping entrance’s and we could even arrange a vintage tractor or truck to commence your wedding in pure rustic fashion.

Article by Guest Blogger Charlene McKenzie

  • Hi Matthew, Mauro and Petra, Just wanted to say Thank You for the amazing work you did with Ramis and Adriels wedding. I wrote with Rami a bit in the last days and he said at least a couple of times that it was perfect :) Thank you also for handling all print-related stuff and going the extra mile with the decoration. Wish I could have been there to see it. Really happy you made them happy! :) Thank you & many greetings from Berlin, Natalie

    NATALIE HANKE (Berlin)

    Graphic Designer

  • Firstly, I just wanted to say how lovely it was meeting you, Mauro and the rest of your team and to thank you. Both Andre and I were so impressed with everything you did for Annez and Gio's beautiful wedding on the Salt Pans in Gozo - every detail was taken care of so thoughtfully and we were absolutely blown away by the venue, and of course how it was setup and dressed for their wedding day! It was simply breath-taking and that light (honestly, Andre and I could not get enough of it, which you may have noticed!!). You and your team took such good care of Annez, Gio and the wedding party and nothing was too much trouble. I especially liked your approach to the bride as its very similar to my own (that you are present and in the background, never rushing or stressing the bride or the bridal party). And thank you also for driving me to the Salt Pans - it certainly made it less stressful for me and I really appreciate that! As as for the venue at night - now that really had the 'wow' factor - absolutely magical, both for the guests and the lenses on our cameras :-)
    Destination Wedding Planner Malta - I DO KNOT

    SUZANNE & ANDRE (Britain)


  • Excellent. Nothing but Praise for Petra, Mauro and all the team at I DO KNOT. We celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary in Malta and I DO KNOT arranged everything for us and our 18 guests from Ireland and England. Such hard work and professionalism provided us with a unique 're proposal event' full church service, hotel, entertainment events etc. The I DO KNOT team were there for us, for all the whole 2 weeks and made it such a wonderful event that will never be forgot by the whole party. Feel free to ask them for more details of our functions they provided and you will see exactly how good they are and what such nice people they are and clearly a credit to the people of Malta. They deserve the awards they have achieved so far and Im sure there will be many more.
    Destination Wedding Planner Malta - I DO KNOT

    PAT & TOM HAMPTON (Ireland)

    August 2015

  • I would recommend Petra and her "I Do Knot" team to everyone! As getting married in Malta was a really last minute decision, Petra was super fast in providing us with best options and deals! I reached out to few companies, but Petra was outstanding and stood out right away! Could not be more thankful. And this comes from a wedding planner herself. If I trusted our day to her, anyone can!
    Destination Wedding Planner Malta - I DO KNOT

    ALISE & VALDIS (Latvia)

    May 2015