Malta – Not just for weddings…

You’ve already heard of destination weddings – unforgettable events which people cherish their whole lives. Part of the magic is that the whole thing is happening at a new, exciting and unfamiliar place. But why limit it only to weddings? There are a few other special events that can be made even more unforgettable simply by planning them in another destination than your own.



The marriage proposal is just as exciting as the wedding itself. Maybe even more, since usually the proposal is a complete surprise. What if your loved one got on one knee at the middle of your vacation in Malta, took out a ring and asked you to spend the rest of your lives together? The sea breeze in your hair, people cheering and smiling happily all around you…you’re definitely bound to remember that! And what’s more, you’ll forever connect this place with one of the most romantic days of your life.

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If you’ve just recently heard about destination weddings and you’re desperately hoping one of your children or grandchildren chooses Malta for tying the knot, so you can at least partially experience the magic of it, we have another solution for you. How does renewing your vows sound like? You can have the whole wedding experience again, only you’ve been through it once before so this time you’ll be prepared for anything that might’ve overwhelmed you the first time. You can feel the love and excitement you felt years ago on your most magical day all over again and what’s even better is that you get to celebrate with your loved ones whilst making a vacation out of it at the same time.

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If you’re pretty much set on having a wedding at home, you can still hint to your bridal party to jet away to the Maltese Islands for an entire weekend of partying.  Whether you’re a party animal looking for nightlife or prefer a more peaceful setting with your besties such as a private villa with pool and barbecue area and a few Spa treatments thrown in, you’re bound to find all that you wish for in Malta.  Bachelor & bachelorette weekends away are becoming increasingly popular and ultimately add to your wedding day build up, whilst giving you the opportunity to spend some quality time with your best friends.



If a wedding is nowhere to be seen in your near future but you are seeking a similar experience to that of a destination wedding, you can still have it. Birthday parties and celebrations of all sorts can be organized abroad, making it all the more interesting and special. Finally got that promotion at work you’ve been working hard for all year? Are the big 30s just around the corner? Take a handful of your closest friends and reward yourself to a magical excursion. You deserve it!


The Maltese islands are the perfect destination for making a special moment even more wonderful.  We at I DO KNOT can provide you with plenty of ideas to make your celebration memorable and stress free, so contact us if you want to know more.

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