Making the most of your Engagement

Being engaged gives you the time you need to plan the wedding of your dreams. But it also gives you the luxury of time with your partner – it is an opportunity to get to know him or her better than ever, and to really relish this special time in your lives.

That said, it can also be stressful – what with all the decisions to make, elements to organise and people to please. In fact, it can lead to arguments and stresses that may even threaten the very relationship that is being celebrated.

So, with that in mind, here’s our advice on how you can put the stresses aside to really enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime period in your lives, and help you stay truly in love in the run-up to your walk up the aisle:

  1. Enjoy It

Remember that while your wedding will be a very important day in your relationship, your marriage will be for the rest of your life, so it’s vital to keep working on that. Make sure to enjoy the process together, by planning time for yourselves that isn’t about the wedding. Make the process as fun as possible!

  1. Keep Talking

So often you can get bogged down in all the chat about the wedding. Of course it’s fine to discuss the wedding often, as this is something very special for you both to share, but do try to keep having the conversations you had before you got engaged too – about your hopes, dreams and other plans for your future.

  1. Don’t Panic

Yes, this is a truly wonderful and romantic time, but it’s also OK for you two to argue and have doubts. It’s fine to have cold feet at points in the process, because there is obviously more pressure on you now than ever before. Just be sure to keep communicating, and to assess whether your concerns are just niggles, or whether they could really be cause for concern.

  1. Think of Therapy

All eyes will be on you in the run up to the wedding, and that can feel a little like you’re under a microscope – which can get stressful. Thus, this could be a good time to schedule some counselling or therapy, as it will give you something very positive and unifying to work on together.

  1. Make Memories

You will look back on this stage as very special. You won’t want to remember the arguments, financial worries and stressful planning, but you will want to remember the special final moments that led you to say ‘I Do’. So make them memorable – plan trips, do something different and enjoy the feeling of being engaged. Most importantly, just enjoy being in love!

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