“Living Jewellery”…the latest Trend!

The best accessory for a summer wedding are flowers. You can wear them in your hair, on your dress, the bouquet, the wedding cake… and now also on your body – in the form of jewelry. They are used as decoration and of course we understand why. They make the whole event look nicely put together and also give your look that fresh, blooming effect that will leave your guests staring in awe.

Flowers have always been a must in every wedding, but why not give it a little twist? Have you ever heard of living plant jewelry? We can tell you one thing – it is awesome! They are these little air plants that require no soil to grow. They only require air, sun and a little water from time to time. Yes, it’s that easy! With that little amount of effort, you will have the most unique, gaze-turning accessory you can want. You will literally have a living thing on you as an embellishment. How cool is that?!

With that said, air plants can be used in your bridal look as well as your bridal party’s. They make great gifts since they only require a minimal effort to keep them alive, so you won’t be putting a lot of pressure on your friends by giving them a puppy or something else equally cute.

Also, the flora in Malta mainly consists of cacti and other succulents, so giving your guests such a plant can be a great way for them to remember your special day. It is like giving them a piece of the island itself.

We hope we have convinced you to take a look at the amazing new trend that living jewelry is. If you choose to incorporate it in your look, you will certainly make a statement!

Article by Bozhana Georgieva (Guest Blogger for Wedding Fashion)


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