How to Stop Your Mother(in-law) From Taking Over

Most people have a clear idea of how they’d like their wedding to be, but so do their parents and their parents-in-law. In fact, many brides- and grooms-to-be argue with their parents and in-laws ahead of the wedding – but that won’t need to happen if you plan ahead and follow this advice.

Mother in law 1

Know exactly what you want: Before speaking to your parents or in-laws about the wedding, sit down with your future husband or wife and plan your wedding exactly as you’d like to it be. Envision and visualise it, and stay true to yourself. Then, whatever they say, will only be opinions and suggestions that you may act upon or choose to ignore.

Warn your suppliers and wedding planner: Some parents will try to go behind your back and speak to the people providing you with products and services for your wedding. Warn them from before that unless you authorise something, then no changes should be made to what you’ve agreed on.

Listen to them: Just because you won’t let them take over your wedding, doesn’t mean that they don’t have anything to contribute. Remember, your parents and in-laws have a wealth of experience and knowledge and may save you a lot of money or disappointment. So don’t just shrug off what they say!

Give them something to do: The parents who meddle in their children’s wedding arrangements are not monsters, they just want what’s best for their children and to feel like they are a part of such a momentous occasion. To make them feel involved, find something that you’re not super adamant about, such as the flowers or souvenirs, and give them complete control. They’ll be very grateful for it.

Thank them: The more you push them away, the more they’ll try to make you listen. So thank them for their help and, even if you won’t take their advice, make it seem like they’ve really made you think. Appreciation can go a long way in this case.

Mother in law 5

Finally, enjoy your time with them. It’s not everyday parents get to see their child get married, and chances are you won’t plan many weddings with your parents, either!




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