Congratulations, you’re engaged! This is a unique time that bridges your single life to your married one, and should be about more than planning your big day (although there will be a lot of that too of course).

The following tips will help you savour this wonderful time and enjoy your engagement.

Enjoy Being Together
Although it is very tempting to dive headlong into planning your wedding day, it is also important to celebrate this unique phase of your relationship. Wedding planning often involves spending time in a crowd, so make it a point to regularly find time to spend alone together. Plan hikes, picnics or put aside an evening to cook and relax together without discussing the wedding. In short, focus on doing things you enjoy and start a habit that you will hopefully keep up after you’re married.

Enjoy Engagement 4

Visit Your Destination Wedding Location
If you you’re planning to marry abroad, then this is the perfect time to take a holiday to explore your chosen wedding destination. You could organise initial meetings with your wedding planner and visit some possible venues. That said, try to spend most of your time exploring, relaxing and savouring the moment – this will be a time to make wonderful memories!

Enjoy Engagement 3

Be a Team
Wedding planning is an important and exciting part of your engagement which can easily turn into a stressful, overwhelming affair. Sit down together to plan your ideal wedding before involving anybody else.

Having established a budget and agreed on your priorities, stick to your shared dream; back each other up and remember that the wedding is simply a prelude to the real show – your marriage.

In addition, you could also consider wedding planning a trial run of your marriage – you will be discussing, negotiating and compromising on many issues in the run up to the big day, and some of these topics will crop up during your marriage too. Discussing your collective approach to budgeting, boundaries and relationships with family and friends now will help strengthen your marriage in the long run.

Enjoy Engagement 2

Build a Dream
You’ve discussed your future in vague terms and now it’s time to enjoy making concrete plans about what you hope your life will be like in 10 years’ time and what you need to do together to make that dream a reality. Dream together – it will be lots of fun, and will fill you with excitement for your future.

Finally, remember: in years to come you will remember this period in your life as a fleeting moment, so relax and enjoy your engagement to the full!


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