Nowadays a lot of people are environmentally-conscious and a lots of brides and grooms are trying to do their best to make their wedding eco-friendly. But exactly how does one go about it?

Well, here are loads of tips to make your special day ‘greener’, thus helping you to decrease the impact your wedding in Malta has on the planet!

  • Use eco-friendly jewellery. For example, you can get your wedding rings made out of recycled gold, silver or titanium. Or you could buy vintage jewellery rather than new. If buying new, always use ethically-sourced gems. Use recycled materials for cufflinks for the groom and his party.
  • Recycle cardboard to use for your table settings, or even as your souvenirs. Or use natural resources such as pebbles and shells.
  • Get your caterer to use organic ingredients for your cake and other sweets. Or make them yourself (or ask a friend) if you can!
  • Buy second-hand clothes, veil and shoes. Or buy them in eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton or other natural fibres. Another idea is to rent them rather than buy them.
  • Use potted plants or succulents as table centrepieces. Or make your centrepieces edible – use artfully-arranged fruit or organic chocolate desserts!
  • Ask your bridesmaids to recycle their dresses by donating them to teenagers… they will be happy to use them for their proms.
  • Buy a wedding dress with a detachable train so you can wear it again. And again!
  • Use natural or organic beauty products and hair dyes.
  • Save paper! Send your guests text messages or email invites rather than printed ones. If it is a small wedding, you can even call them! If you must use printed material, try to use organic or recycled paper.
  • Ask your photographer to give you a contact sheet of the photos he or she takes and only print the ones you really like.
  • Use solar or eco-friendly lighting when possible.
  • Use organic flowers for your bridal bouquet and those of your bridesmaids.
  • Try to use local meat and produce for your food menu. There are all sorts of abundant and delicious local ingredients you could choose in Malta – and you’ll be saving the planet while also saving money.
  • If you are having a chocolate fountain, fill it up with organic or Fair Trade chocolate.
  • Use acoustic music such as Spanish guitars and harps for at least part of the reception and/or ceremony.
  • Instead of giving souvenirs to your guests, make a donation to the charity of your choice.
  • Try not to over-order food, as this will lead to a lot of it being thrown away. If there are a lot of leftovers, give them to friends or family to take with them or, better still, donate them to a charity (animal charities, especially, will be happy to accept leftover food donations).
  • As you exit the ceremony, get your guests to throw birdseed or petals, instead of something man-made. Blowing bubbles is another, fun alternative.
  • Ask your guests to carpool when possible, to save to CO2.
  • Finally, instead of using expensive perfume, spray on some natural essential oils – you’ll smell just as lovely and you won’t be damaging the environment.

As you can see, there are loads of ways that you can ‘go green’ while planning your destination wedding in Malta – and we’re here to help! If you have any questions or ideas, please do get in touch.


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