For over a thousand years, fireworks have been used to mark a celebration – and Malta has one of the best and most active fireworks scenes in the world… just think of all our festi (village feasts)!

But did you know that you could also have fireworks at your wedding?

Step 1: Find out whether the venue you’ve booked, or are looking at booking, allows fireworks to be fired from the venue. Alternatively, if your venue is close to the countryside or uninhabited areas, then you might be able to fire them from there. This, however, depends on many factors.

Step 2: Get in touch with a pyrotechnician or a firework maker (we can handle this for you!). Discuss what you’d like to achieve, and find out how much it will cost, and what will be needed in terms of space, equipment and so on.

Step 3: Contact the local council where the fireworks will be fired, and enquire about whether it’s possible or what your alternatives – if any – may be. It might be a good idea to do this with your chosen pyrotechnician to answer any technical questions you may not know the answers to.

Step 4: The next important thing is to make sure that everything is done legally. Get in touch with the police and then the area’s local council to make sure that all permits are finalised, issued and approved – the earlier you do this the better.

Step 5: Give your pyrotechnician free reign or sit down with them to figure out what the final product should be. And remember, that although fireworks are not cheap, they will be a focal point of your wedding celebrations.

Step 6: If your venue has an area that has a direct view of where the fireworks will be fired from, it might be a great idea to ask your guests to conglomerate there. Some people, however, prefer having it as a surprise without making too much fuss about the fireworks themselves – after all, they’re bound to make an impression aren’t they?

  • Hi Matthew, Mauro and Petra, Just wanted to say Thank You for the amazing work you did with Ramis and Adriels wedding. I wrote with Rami a bit in the last days and he said at least a couple of times that it was perfect :) Thank you also for handling all print-related stuff and going the extra mile with the decoration. Wish I could have been there to see it. Really happy you made them happy! :) Thank you & many greetings from Berlin, Natalie

    NATALIE HANKE (Berlin)

    Graphic Designer

  • Firstly, I just wanted to say how lovely it was meeting you, Mauro and the rest of your team and to thank you. Both Andre and I were so impressed with everything you did for Annez and Gio's beautiful wedding on the Salt Pans in Gozo - every detail was taken care of so thoughtfully and we were absolutely blown away by the venue, and of course how it was setup and dressed for their wedding day! It was simply breath-taking and that light (honestly, Andre and I could not get enough of it, which you may have noticed!!). You and your team took such good care of Annez, Gio and the wedding party and nothing was too much trouble. I especially liked your approach to the bride as its very similar to my own (that you are present and in the background, never rushing or stressing the bride or the bridal party). And thank you also for driving me to the Salt Pans - it certainly made it less stressful for me and I really appreciate that! As as for the venue at night - now that really had the 'wow' factor - absolutely magical, both for the guests and the lenses on our cameras :-)
    Destination Wedding Planner Malta - I DO KNOT

    SUZANNE & ANDRE (Britain)


  • Excellent. Nothing but Praise for Petra, Mauro and all the team at I DO KNOT. We celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary in Malta and I DO KNOT arranged everything for us and our 18 guests from Ireland and England. Such hard work and professionalism provided us with a unique 're proposal event' full church service, hotel, entertainment events etc. The I DO KNOT team were there for us, for all the whole 2 weeks and made it such a wonderful event that will never be forgot by the whole party. Feel free to ask them for more details of our functions they provided and you will see exactly how good they are and what such nice people they are and clearly a credit to the people of Malta. They deserve the awards they have achieved so far and Im sure there will be many more.
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    PAT & TOM HAMPTON (Ireland)

    August 2015

  • I would recommend Petra and her "I Do Knot" team to everyone! As getting married in Malta was a really last minute decision, Petra was super fast in providing us with best options and deals! I reached out to few companies, but Petra was outstanding and stood out right away! Could not be more thankful. And this comes from a wedding planner herself. If I trusted our day to her, anyone can!
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    ALISE & VALDIS (Latvia)

    May 2015