Fairytale Weddings

Fairytale is a well-known topic and derives mainly from myths, legends and from the countless Disney films that have been created over the years. For many brides-to-be Disney isn’t a key factor for their wedding yet the style and character comes from the settings of fairytale princess from the movies.  The concept is highly romantic, enchanting and the ‘happily ever after’ (applicable to all weddings  mind) plus the beautiful ballgown dresses are amazing to wear.  We have listed below different ideas and styles of fairytale that can be adapted and used for your own fairytale wedding.


The typical venue for this theme is a castle, a large stately home, a grand villa, a palace or in a garden. The style is one that depicts opulence and luxury and luckily in Malta we have a large choice of venues that are well suited to this theme.

Bridal Dress & Wedding Party Attire

For the brides this is an essential factor of the theme (as with most weddings) and there are a few dress styles that are perfectly suited such as; ballgown, mermaid or fishtail teamed up with either a long train or veil.  The most popular style of dress is with flowing material starting either at the waist or below the fishtail with it creating a full and elegant floaty feel.  Bridesmaids are to wear long flowing dresses to keep in with the theme, there are no tendencies for colours, be it to match your own colour scheme. The groom and his groomsmen are to be dressed smartly and elegantly; again as long as they denote a classical and royal look they will fit in perfectly with the fairytale theme.

Food & Beverage

There is no set menu for your food and drinks choices yet creating signature drinks and snacks for you and your guests to enjoy is a possibility.  If you only want to touch lightly on the fairytale theme then adding a signature cocktail or mocktail is an easy and fun way to tie it all in. If you have picked a Disney theme for your wedding or a particular fairytale theme then incorporating that into a drink or snack will leave your guests impressed and give a good talking point.

Wedding cake

Your wedding cake can be anything you want it to be, again depending on how much you are embracing the fairytale style. If you have a particular theme such as ‘enchanted forest’ or ‘beauty and the beast’ then your cake could be based on that. Otherwise sticking to the classy and luxurious theme is best, either using flowers as decoration or a mixture of flowers, beads, metallic or ombre decorations.


If your wedding is a Disney tribute then incorporating characters from the movie would kick off your reception dinner. Many people have paid homage to their favourite films and have decorated their venues from top-to-bottom yet if you want to add only a small touch, small changes can make big impacts too.

Using long wooden tables for you and your guests to hold your reception dinner on is very stylish and denotes a garden feel (even if your indoors).  Candelabras and candles on the tables as centerpieces, lanterns and jam jars with candles and petals inside are very classy. Hanging fairy jars, either mason or jam jars filled with fairy lights or candles inside them for a magical and twinkling experience, bistro lights or a fairytale backdrop light draped or hung down/over areas gives an elegant and romantic feel too. Pieces of sawn bark with small flower bouquets placed on top are very rustic and looks stunning, also using materials such as candles, flowers, beads and crystals are stylish and can be used alongside each other creating an amazing touch!

The possibilities are endless for your decorations and really depend on how much you want to embrace a theme, more options are; creating mythical signs for around the venue, having wedding favours and keepsakes designed as Disney themes, royal presents or your guest book as an aged storybook or vintage album.

Another bonus that we have in Malta and one that is an added extra for the fairytale wedding is the horse drawn carriage. It is a sure winner for either the bride to be transported to the ceremony in or for the newlyweds to leave for their reception ceremony together..


However full on your fairytale theme is it is one that has an air of romance and fascination, hopefully this will have given you some ideas on what to include for your special day.

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie

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