On the verge of hatching on Vikki & Ashley’s Big Day!

June 20, 2018 1:31 pm

Vikki and Ashley were one of the first couples that had stopped to speak to us on our stand during the first ever wedding fair I DO KNOT attended – The Wedding Journal Show in Belfast, which was held last January 2015.  Back then they had already confirmed the Radisson Golden Sands for their beach wedding scheduled for September 2016.

Ashley’s family owned a Timeshare apartment at the said hotel and the couple were very familiar with the area and Malta as a whole.  When they got engaged, Malta was the only place they had considered for their destination wedding and where else, if not on the beautiful beach they were so in love with?

Since our first encounter we met the couple another 2 times: first was in Malta during their yearly holiday exactly a year prior to their wedding and again in Belfast a year after we originally met, during our second participation at The Wedding Journal Show in Belfast.  On both occasions we discussed more concrete wedding plans based on what they were picturing for their celebration, going into more detail as we progressed.

Finally September 2016 was here and Vikki and Ashley travelled to Malta, this time for the actual wedding that we had been planning together for what seemed like ages!

A day after arriving in Malta however, I received a call from the couple, requesting me to meet them at the hotel for an important meeting called by the General Manager to which I duly attended.  Earlier this summer, a loggerhead turtle had laid its eggs on the said beach and the nature trust was estimating that the possible hatching was due to happen any day from then onwards.  Although a very happy occasion for local nature enthusiasts, I’m sure you understand how upset the couple were, the bride especially.  They were asked to take an immediate decision whether to risk going on with the wedding on the beach as originally planned, however should anything happen, everything will come to an abrupt halt.  The alternative was to move directly to Plan B but the wedding celebrations would be moved to an indoor banqueting hall within the hotel grounds.  And how could you opt for the latter when you have travelled all the way from miserable weather in Belfast, together with your guests, dreaming of a beach wedding with your loved ones in such picturesque surroundings and a stunning Mediterranean backdrop?!

The decision was obvious and we mutually agreed that we’ll go for it…that is, everything as planned – and beach wedding it was!

The day was glorious, the setting was serene, but at the back of our minds we couldn’t help but pray for this blessed hatching to stay put for another 24 hours until the wedding was over.  My team started the day setting up the ceremony area directly on the beach, whilst I remained close to Vikki’s side coordinating the beauty team and other vendors, but mostly reassuring the bride that all was to be fine!

Walking down the aisle to meet her groom, Vikki looked radiant!  The worries were soon swept aside and the party enjoyed an intimate celebration in their chosen location.  After a toast and some photos on the beach, the group moved up to the beach terrace for dinner in a private area reserved for them.

The day’s plans were followed to the dot and in the end everyone was thankful that the day went by blissfully without the possible hatching.  All the planned surprises were executed to the group’s delight – fire juggler, bonfire on the beach and fireworks for the grand finale.

In the end it was an unforgettable day on many levels and we all agreed that every 16th of September we’ll be having a laugh looking back at the close call of nature that we could have experienced!  One of the guests also made a little joke about the whole “shebang” when pretending to gift the couple with a little Swarovski turtle…definitely a wedding to remember!