2 venues on 2 islands for 1 celebration – all in a day!

May 26, 2018 5:28 pm

We had met Sharon at a wedding fair in Belfast earlier this year, when she had walked past our stand without a glance, only to walk back instantly and ask where the scene behind us was. At the reply of Malta, she was clearly surprised and told us that Stephen and herself were definitely considering a wedding abroad but Malta had never crossed their minds.

As they had never been to the islands, we invited them over to show them around a few venues in person, hoping it would help them choose their preferred location once they see it and experience it for themselves. Accompanied by their good friend and mentor, Jacques, the couple was so overwhelmed with the choice of venues that we presented them that they only managed to downsize the list to their preferred 2 locations – N.B. one was in Gozo and the other in Malta! – but simply could not settle on one, so with some creativity from our end, we managed to combine both venues into one stunning wedding.

The date was set for October 8th 2015 and after some extensive planning, emails and Skype calls, we were all looking forward to experience this celebration. The guests were only informed to be ready by noon, when a bus would be calling to pick them up from their separate accommodations, but the rest of the information (including venues and locations) were a mystery to all!

On the day, preparations started at the crack of dawn – bride and her bridesmaids in one villa, groom and his groomsmen in another. From our end, Mauro took the early ferry to Gozo to coordinate the set up, Petra remained with the bridal party to coordinate the vendors (hair, make up, photographer, etc) and the other team members were assigned to coordinate transportation and the second venue in Malta for later that afternoon.

The guests, accompanied by the groom and groomsmen, took the ferry from Malta to Gozo and were taken to the ceremony location – the Salt Pans. Everyone was stunned by the scenic location and spectacular sea views.

In the meantime the bride, 3 bridesmaids, Jacques, Michael (the bride’s brother who was accompanying her down the aisle) and the photographer, made their way to board a speedboat, to much surprise and excitement of the girls. Equipped with hair nets to protect the hairdo’s, it was one fun ride, only to be followed by a thrilling drive on a Jeep and beach buggy directly to the ceremony location.

A beautiful religious ceremony took place at the Salt Pans on Gozo – expertly decorated by the I DO KNOT team in a Bedouin style with a colourful marquee and scattered cushions that blended perfectly with the surroundings – followed by an aperitif, canapés and lots of photos with the open Mediterranean Sea as a backdrop.

Soon it was time to announce the next part of the adventure, so everyone was asked to gather their belongings and to board the buses, expecting to be driven to the ferry. This time, however, everyone was treated to a trip with the speedboat and split into 2 boats, the group went on a quick adrenaline trip directly to Golden Sands beach, where the celebration continued.

Everyone was starving by the time we arrived so the scrumptious barbecue buffet, set up on the beach terrace, surely went down a treat and most enjoyed second and third helpings. In the meantime the beach was set up with a bonfire, Bedouin beds, cushions, sofas and low tables for everyone to enjoy after the meal. With a spectacular sunset overlooking the bay, bonfire throughout the entire evening, fire jugglers and a spectacular ending with fireworks, it was truly a perfect ending to a great celebration!

Tired from the long day, nobody wanted to miss on anything and everyone was full of praise towards the I DO KNOT team for putting up such a great day. We, on the other hand, are thankful that the weather blessed us with a gorgeous summery day and grateful to Sharon and Stephen for having entrusted us with such a unique wedding celebration that couldn’t have turned out anymore better!