A Surprise Marriage Proposal

March 22, 2019 2:10 pm

On a typical warm sunny day in August, the Hampton family, together with their closest relatives and friends, left their hotel for a group visit to the Malta National Aquarium. Little did they know that this visit would stay forever in their memories as one of the most romantic moments of their lives.

Pat and Tom have been married for 40 years and in honor of their Ruby anniversary, they had decided to renew their wedding vows here in Malta with their children, grandchildren and a few close relatives and friends – this was in fact the main reason for their trip here.

Tom Hampton, the “groom”, had contacted the team of I DO KNOT in secret with the intention of organising a surprise marriage proposal to his wife of 40 years, Pat.  With a variety of ideas presented to him, Tom picked up the most daring one and being the only one in on the secret, he had quite a nerve-wrecking time but he held it together like a champion! No one had suspected a thing before the big surprise.

The family and friends made their way to the aquarium and began their visit with the Aquarium Manager acting as their “tour guide”.  They were all engrossed in what they were seeing and hearing so their surprise was even bigger when a diver appeared in the main tank. And not just any diver but one carrying a big sign.  When the diver got closer to the glass and the sign was visible, everyone gasped. The sign read: “Pat, Will You Marry Me Again?” The next moment all eyes were directed to Tom who, fallen on one knee, was producing a ring box and smiling nervously but broadly at his wife.

You could physically feel all the happiness and love crackling in the room at that moment. Pat, of course, said yes (and who wouldn’t, to such a romantic husband??). It took Pat, and some of the other guests, quite some time to wrap their heads around what just happened and dry their happy tears. Photos were being snapped the whole time, immortalizing the happy occasion. Shortly after the big wow-moment, a glass of bubbly was distributed to all the adults and orange juice to the little ones. The clinked, they laughed and they were clearly very happy. When everyone collected their bearings, the group finished their aquarium tour and proceeded to Café del Mar where they had a lovely lunch whilst enjoying spectacular sea views.

We at I DO KNOT are ecstatic to take part in making this a one-of-a-lifetime event…and there is one thing we surely agree upon: thumbs up for Tom!

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