A Joyous Winter Wedding

June 20, 2018 1:33 pm

Kat & Jason’s winter wedding was unique in every sense of the way…

I was initially contacted by Jason, the groom, to help organise their big day. Now you see, Jason is Maltese living in Malta and up to now we had never really considered doing any local weddings. For some reason, we decided to meet up with Jason and his lovely wife-to-be, Katarina, of Indonesian origin, to discuss some ideas over a coffee.

This was the starting point to an intensive wedding planning period (the wedding was organised in a span of just 3 months) followed by an intimate wedding celebration with just around 30 guests scheduled for Sunday 20th December 2015.

On the day of the wedding, the weather was definitely not on our side. With rain gushing in all directions, the team at I DO KNOT had an early start, which commenced with picking up the bridal party flowers from the florist and delivering them to the bride’s residence. With the groom now ready and his buttonhole in place, we dismissed Jason and sent him off to his parents’ house for some final preparations and to ensure we stick to traditions. Next we awaited the arrival of the hair and make up artist to get Kat prepped up.

Bang on schedule, the bridal car, a classic GM Cadillac, pulled outside the couple’s residence. Trying our best to get Kat inside without getting wet was a little challenging but soon we were off towards Mdina, Malta’s ancient Capital and medieval city for a special celebration that awaited us.

With the elegant harp’s music in the background, Jason was eagerly waiting for his bride’s arrival. Once inside the Xara Palace Atrium, Kat’s emotions broke and with a look of sheer happiness and a few tears of joy, rings were exchanged and the couple were pronounced husband and wife.

Following the brief ceremony, the newlyweds released a pair of white doves, another local tradition symbolising the love they had just exchanged, before enjoying a glass of bubbly and a selection of canapés. Photos of the couple and their guests were taken in different areas of the venue and towards 13.00 hrs, the group was led to the top floor for a mouth-watering lunch at the DeMondion, one of Malta’s best restaurants enjoying spectacular views over the island.

Being just 5 days away from Christmas, the restaurant was beautifully decorated and the fireplace was on, giving the whole ambience a very wintery and cosy feel. A duo of musicians (classical guitar + violin) was booked to entertain the party, playing subtle background music whilst everyone was enjoying their meal.

Speeches were exchanged, food was devoured and everyone had a fantastic time! Just before the end, Mr. & Mrs. Alfino had their first dance and cut the cake, but Kat made sure to include one last tradition…throwing her bouquet and making sure that a future bride-to-be would get it. In fact it was her sister-in-law-to-be Jyoti, to grab it…and to our immense pleasure, I DO KNOT was asked to help plan her wedding to Jason’s brother scheduled for November 2016!