Winter weddings are very popular in Malta – and area ideal if you don’t fancy the heat associated with the summer months.

Winter weddings tend to take on a completely different flavour, especially as most are held indoors at this time of year. In fact, everything from the dress code and catering to the overall theme can be affected. Although the temperature will be lower (usually around 15°C), ceremonies and receptions can often still be held al fresco – perhaps with an indoor back up just in case.

That said, the time of year really shouldn’t detract from your destination wedding. Malta is actually at its most beautiful in the cooler months, with lush gardens, birdsong and clear skies all taking centre stage. The islands come alive with natural beauty, and you can use the abundant influences of this season to really embellish your reception centerpiece: your wedding cake.

Of course, with ‘winter’ as your loose theme, there are also sorts of wonderful cake-décor ideas that you could consider. Here are some of our favourites:


Cakes to consider for a winter wedding in Malta:


  • If you’ve got your heart set on a traditional tiered cake, then you can make it wintery by decorating it with frilled butter icing or sugar paste flowers, as well as snowflakes or autumn leaves in a wide array of colours and textures
  • For a twist on the norm, you could pick a multi-tiered Victoria sponge decorated with local seasonal edible flowers
  • A novelty cake is always fun – you could add character representations of you and your spouse-to-be, all dressed up for winter weather
  • A macaron tower always makes for an incredible centrepiece – so why not add white and milk chocolate fountains to add a level of decadence?
  • Embrace the darker, more moody colours of the season – a winter wedding cake looks great in purples, dark blues and even black
  • Add sparkle. Nothing screams ‘winter’ like touches of glitter and shimmer
  • Break from tradition and have cake pops or cupcakes instead of a tiered cake. These give you the ability to add real personality to the catering and the options are endless! Use the shapes as a base for the creation or have the cake pops in different shapes like hearts and flowers.
  • Opt for a cheese cake with a twist. Really make the cake a talking point and tier various cheeses decorated with forest berries, dates and figs. It’s the ideal cake-compromise for any cheese lover!


Different types of cake suit different presentations and of course you will have your own favourite: red velvet, chocolate, light sponge, the traditional Maltese almond cake or a dense boozy fruitcake.

If you’re currently dreaming up ideas for your wedding cake, we suggest creating a mood board that you can share with us as your trusted planners and we’ll share it with our trusted caterers in return. They can then use their individual areas of expertise to craft your dream winter wedding cake.


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