Wedding Colour Trends for Spring/Summer 2016

You want to be unique on your wedding day as much as you want to be trendy and “in” and we totally get it! Take a look at the colors in fashion for Spring/Summer 2016, get inspired and start creating your own unique color palette.


-> Seaside Wedding – Vibrant Mid-Tones Palette

The seaside this season will be presented by a selection of mid-tones. Bubblegum pink will be returning together with new shades of Coral and Melon while Orchid and Aqua will be one of the new emerging colors.

1 - Coral

-> Heirloom – Jewel Tones Palette

Jewel tones remain relevant. The familiar shades of dark Burgundy and brighter Ruby as well as the shade of 2015’s color Marsala will continue to play the most significant role, followed by Indigo and Dark teal. The new color emerging here is Grape purple.

Jewel Tones Palette

-> Desert Bloom – Neutrals Palette

This palette combines the earthy neutrals with the emerging fashion colors. Influential roles play Copper and Rust and Persimmon keeps the palette lively. Moonstone Blue is a different and exciting new color in the Desert Bloom palette.

Neutrals Palette

-> Soft Nostalgia – Pastels Palette

Pastels are one of the most important groups of the season, lead by Blue Hydrangea and followed by another grayer blue shade – Chambray, and this season’s exclusive grey is Dust. As to pinks, Peony, whitened Ice Pink, peach tinted Rose Champagne and purple casted Lilac are the representatives. The more saturated hues are Wisteria purple, Lemon Chiffon and Sea Glass green. The neutral bases – fleshy Buff, utility Ecru and Bone are as always present.

Pastels Palette

-> Backyard – Brights Palette

For the pastels’ opposite – the brights, green plays a pivotal role in both Spring Green and Grass while Canary offers a brightly saturated yellow. Candy Apple is red’s key color for this palette and though orange generally downtrends, Clementine remains. Periwinkle, the most popular shade of blue for this season, is the brighter summer alternative to Electric Blue.

Brights Palette

We hope that through this article, we’ve managed to inspire you and we wish you all the best of luck for your big day, whatever colour palette you decide to choose!

Article by Bozhana Georgieva (Guest Blogger for Wedding Fashion)

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