Whether they’re yours, your friends or your family’s, children at weddings need to be entertained if you don’t want them crying, whinging or constantly pestering you saying ‘they’re bored or hungry’. We at I DO KNOT understand the need to involve the kids and have come up with some good fun ideas to keep them busy and involved all at the same time.

If you have an outdoor wedding we suggest having a kids teepee with perhaps a small sign saying either ‘cool kids are here’ or ‘no adults allowed’ this will make them feel important and exclusive and with their own private area they are free to make as much noise and mess as they want. The teepee would be decorated with throws, cushions and colourful bunting to drape across the top.

Keep them busy with activity packs; they needn’t be expensive as most kids are happy sitting down colouring in as long as they have the tools to do so. Creating small activity packs such as; clipboard with crayons or a chalkboard and chalks and the colouring-in pictures can be wedding themed to keep them actively involved.

For the children’s table there could be a tablecloth or placemat that could be drawn on so they don’t become bored whilst waiting for the food to arrive. Ensure that there is plenty of food available for them, children like to nibble and instead of them having to wait for the main meal to be served there could be a small buffet set up for them to ensure there are no hungry belly’s.

Instead of flowers or candles for the centrepieces on their table there could be a bowl of lego, kinder surprises or sweets, again to keep their small fingers busy and not getting too hungry.

Another idea is to either leave a small basket or gift-box with some goodies and snacks on the table, one per child. Again same idea but to use a tote bag which could be hung on the back of their chair personalised with their name on, a nice keepsake for them too!

To keep the kids involved during the speeches, when the adults have a toast of champagne they have a glass of milkshake and a cookie to let them raise their glass. Having a champagne flute of milk looks stylish and they will feel grown up too!


  • I spy – give each child a throw-away camera and a list of items they need to find, such as: the bride & groom kissing, a funny outfit and one of them pulling a funny face
  • Wedding ring toss – throwing hoops over empty bottles into a crate
  • Hopscotch
  • Treasure hunt
  • Noughts & crosses on chalk boards
  • Decorating station

If you have a beach wedding the games mentioned above would work, also some bucket and spades to make sand castles would be cool and kid friendly.

If you hire a photo-booth during your reception making sure the kids have fun with them is a sure winner. Having props ready and getting them to pull funny faces will keep them amused for hours!

You could hire an entertainer such as a magician, a clown or a puppet master to show them some tricks and tales to them for a few hours or hire a babysitter. This would be ideal if you have young children who would need some help with a few of the games or just to keep an eye on all the children in general if the adults want to fully let their hair down.

Depending on how many children will be attending the wedding another possibility is hiring a ball pit or bouncy castle for entertainment. This would probably go down well with some of the adults too and will make fun wedding photographs.

We want all of the guests, even the mini one’s to enjoy which is why some of these are a wedding must have! Children at weddings needn’t be a distraction or kept away from the adults yet keeping them occupied is good for them and everybody else. If the children are happy then so are the adults!

More information about travelling with children. 

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie

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