The Mediterranean offers a flavoursome cuisine that consists of seafood, meat, olive oil and bread, plus plenty of wine to wash it all down with. The diet varies wherever you travel too and Malta is no different by having it’s own version on the Mediterranean cuisine. It is a small island that has been heavily influenced by its pre-successors and it shows in the type of food that is served here.  Malta is renowned for its bread (so tasty), pastizzi (small pasties), potatoes, rabbit, seafood and not to forget desserts, in every shape, size and colour.  It is also a high flier for fine dining and cosmopolitan chefs, you can pretty much find anything your looking for on this small but jam-packed island.

Not forgetting about the wine to wash everything down with, Malta stands in their own right for their wine production having won several accolades in France, Italy and beyond. There are many vineyards producing the delicious drink and they even serve as destination wedding venue.  As well as this Malta has it’s own brewery that makes cisk their very own lager, a light refreshing drink that is enjoyed by locals and tourists.

Whichever style of wedding you choose to have, we have a close relationship with our dedicated caterers and have worked with many of them for years, their abilities to arrange the impossible has always impressed us and our past wedding couples. Depending on location and the amenities available, even if there aren’t any we have been able to cater for over a hundred wedding guests and still produce top quality food.

Culinary Choices

  • Live food cooking stations – A very popular method of serving and receiving your wedding reception meal are the live cooking stations. Ranging from anything your imagination cooks up and all down to your own personal taste. Live stations we’ve had previously are; risotto stations, paella, Mexican theme taco’s or surf & turf and more. The stations are fantastic for serving fresh and quality produce and are always a winner at weddings.
  • Food stations – These can hold anything hot or cold and is a wedding trend that is high in demand this year. It acts like a higher-class buffet without the buffet style feeling. Also allowing you to cater for more guests with this option too instead of having a traditional 3 or 4 course meal.

Types of food stations are endless and are really dependent on you, to name a few for ideas;

  •  Cheesy cheese station
  • Fishy friends
  • Grab n go – easy hand nibble food
  • Salad station
  • Biscuits Bar
  • Raw station – oysters, clams,
  • Dip n Bite – Carrot sticks, breadsticks with hummus, chutneys & dips
  • Pick Pizza Point

The choice is endless and you could even style the food around the theme of your wedding. For example if you were to have a beach wedding, you may have a station with raw food, oysters, clams and champagne or a fun friendly station with ice lollies, bbq and sandwiches or lolly buckets.

The beverages are something that shouldn’t be overlooked either, even if your not a very big drinker, having peace of mind that your guests can enjoy a drink or two whilst enjoying your big day will keep you and them relaxed. There are various options available and will all depend on the type of wedding venue your choosing and how much you want to provide on your big day.

Many venues offer a corkage system so you only pay for what you have drunk, brilliant if you have an open bar, sometimes it’s hard to gauge how much will be consumed.  An open bar is usually a good idea but always think of your budget and if you really want all your guests free to unlimited alcohol.

Another option would be to have only bottles of wine and soft drinks free for all and special drinks such as spirits and champagne will need to be bought at the bar.

Creating a signature wedding drink or designer drink is a hot trend and one way of keeping guests drinking a certain drink. You will never be able to please all of your guests as everyone has different tastes yet it is a good idea for everyone to sample a cocktail (or mocktail for the kids) created by the bride and groom.

If your on a budget or want to keep the kids away from the bar, you could have a station of ready made drinks set up, enabling children and adults to help themselves to a refreshing juice or pimms.

Another trend that is hot for drinks is having drink stations; these could be anything from buckets of ice cold beers, a basket of miniature spirits, a keg of beer or lager or a hamper of cisks, the list is endless.

Whether you want to incorporate the Maltese cuisine and beverages fully into your destination wedding or have hints of the Med brought in, we at I DO KNOT can help you whatever the case. We hope we have given you food for thought.

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie



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