Candlelight Ambiance at your Wedding

A romantic trend that has been high on the wedding scene is one of candles and pretty lights, creating a style of warmth and romance. The lighting in your wedding can be deemed as important as your flower arrangements. When looking to create an airy and elegant atmosphere there are several lighting options to choose from to give you exactly that.

Whether your destination wedding is in the day or evening the style of lighting will enhance it and create an air of sophistication. The lighting available is enormous and really depends on your creativity (or your wedding planners).  Below are some options that have been used at real life destination weddings.


Tea-lights can be arranged to go in absolutely anything.. there are amazing holders available now that can come in any colour, shape or size. Many are chosen with a theme in mind, usually sticking to the wedding theme of course.  There are glittered and beaded glasses, clear and simple holders, hurricane holders (to stop any chance of a blow out) to name a few and these can all be placed in and around the ceremony and reception creating a stunning effect.

Candles can be used as centerpieces being placed on the top table or on the cake table. They look amazing scattered over guest’s tables entwined with flowers and greenery too.

Bistro Lighting:

This is similar to the standard string lights yet using bistro bulbs. These can be draped across walls, from tress and hedges and ceiling creating a beautiful backdrop and illumination.

These bulbs can come in different colours allowing the colour scheme to be kept in.

Lit up lights:

These are becoming very popular, having large letters lit up shining either down on the couple or lighting up their top table. It makes a significant mark and has great impact. Very contemporary.

Edison Lights:

These are in the shape of old fashioned bulbs and are attached to string, very simple yet very effective.

Hanging Effect:

Most of the mentioned lights and candles can be hung up or hung down off anything. Popular designs are lanterns hanging from tree branches as well as jam jars with candles in hanging down off branches. There have been themes where candles have been hanging down with a floral arrangement nestled underneath them, adding extra features to maybe a simple tree.


Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie


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