Bridal Party Flowers for your Wedding

Our dedicated and trustworthy team of florists have a wealth of knowledge and experience to source your bridal party flowers for your special day.  The choice available in locally grown flowers in Malta is limited due to the intense Mediterranean climate.  Hence, flowers are generally imported, leading the way for abundance of possibilities for your destination wedding in Malta.

Depending on your budget and size of your wedding, flowers can be as costly as you want them to be. Bridal party flowers are a key aspect that surely couldn’t be missed out. Below are the most popular choices that couples opt for when deciding on their bridal party flowers.

Groom & Groomsmen:

For the groom and groomsmen, the boutonnieres (or buttonholes) are a traditional part of the wedding.  Grooms normally wear a different type of boutonniere than that of his fellow groomsmen; the usher, best man, male witness (if any) and fathers (bride and groom’s). The groomsmen usually wear a boutonniere within the wedding colour scheme, with the best man’s slightly larger than the rest.  The boutonniere is worn on the left of the lapel and is pinned back into place.  You can also order boutonnieres with a magnet, especially if the male party are renting suits, to avoid a pinhole.


Bridal Bouquets:

The bride can choose from varying styles of beautiful bouquets to carry with her down the aisle. The most traditional is the Cascade bouquet and is shaped with flowers falling downwards.  This is a formal bouquet and usually has minimal colour to it.  To make it more contemporary, nowadays brides may also choose to have a few contrasting colours entwined.


Another type of bouquet that can be used is the round cluster that takes the appearance of a small tight clustered bouquet. It is a popular option with flowers looking neat and bunched inside. The original name for this was Nosegay and was named in the 14th century where the bouquet was used to mask any bad odours.  To accentuate these bridal bouquets, gems and pearls can also be used to make the bride stand out further.

round    tight round bouquet with pearls

The most informal is the hand-tied bouquet which is simple and delicate with a lot of greenery on show. Flowers used can be roses, lilies and anything that you would like really.  It has an elegant boho feel which any flower would suit.


Bridal Party:

Not forgetting the ladies accompanying the bride, corsages are used in a similar way as the boutonnieres.  The maid of honour would have a slightly different corsage to the other ladies – the bridesmaids, maid of honour, female witnesses (if any) and mothers (bride and groom’s). There are three different ways that ladies can choose to wear theirs: pinned to the lapel on the left or slightly higher on the shoulder, attached to a purse or worn around the wrist by means of a ribbon.

Some brides may choose not to use corsages, yet opt for the ladies to carry bouquets instead. They would be smaller than the bride’s and may be in a contrasting colour.

bridesmaid flowers

Flower Girls and Paige Boys:

Flower girls and paige boys are an old tradition where the children would walk up the aisle at the start of the ceremony throwing flower petals out of a basket. These are generally used when there is a small child in the family or of a close friend.  In case of either, they can still wear a boutonniere (in case of a paige boy) or a corsage (in case of a flower girl).  For the latter, there are also different options available such as a flower wand (in case of a younger girl), headband with fresh flowers or pomander (a ball of flowers tied to the wrist by means of a ribbon).



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