What is bohemian? A boho style would be described as one that is free and easy and unconventional, a style that is related to the arts, to spirituality and romance. For a boho wedding and for people in general it can be a whole mix of key pieces or just a few to create the special touch of boho that is recognised worldwide.

The setting is usually outdoors, some would say it has to be in a forest yet most outdoor venues will do as the décor and small-added extras enhance the theme! When choosing your venue keep your reception ceremony in mind (if it will be different from your matrimonial ceremony) and if it would suit the boho style you wish for. Being able to sit at benches or nice chivalry chairs for seating and then decorating them lightly will make a difference. Even hiring furniture to embrace the boho feel such as tipi’s or a Moroccan Marquee with plenty of cushions and throws to promise a very relaxed after-party.

Floral arrangements are a key factor in this style as it encompasses a lot of the bohemian nature. Many people think that it is all bright flowers with flower crowns for the bride and bridal party yet it doesn’t have to be. Large full bouquets with wild flowers that exude a natural look is essential yet the bouquet can be one of cool and calming tones with plenty of green foliage instead of bright and colourful petals. If holding a large bouquet isn’t your thing then a hand tied bouquet that has plenty of natural plants and flowers works well too!

Whether you have chosen to include bright and warm coloured flowers or are opting for a more natural and airy feel, both are excellent for a bohemian theme wedding. Types of flowers used are; air plants, purple protea, peonies, pink or red roses, peacock flowers.

The colour schemes for boho vary everywhere depending on the couple. As for many things the style will always have variations yet it is the style of how the colour is introduced throughout the wedding that is key. Shades of colours used are; pink, red, orange, teal, green, mint, peach, rose. As mentioned earlier a key factor is having a plenty of green foliage that is also part of the colour scheme yet gained naturally by taking it from the floral decorations.

The wedding attire is usually relaxed with various options available to both the bride and groom. There is no strict style that the bride has to choose from yet wearing a gown of lace is very popular. Some dresses can be heavily detailed or as a simple design, some have been worn with long sleeves whilst some without sleeves. Even the more traditional styles of dresses such as a Cinderella style or a heart-shaped figure hugging dress has been deemed suitable, it is really how you want it; sticking to the free and easy vibe! Veils have a mixed approach, some brides choose not to wear them yet many boho brides choose a bohemian style of veil as it is rather fitting to the theme with it sitting like a low flower crown and flowing delicately back.

For the groom, again there is no strict attire agenda; wearing a sharp suit is welcome or even wearing braces and a dickie bow is now a hot trend, it all comes down to the couple’s preference.

Decorating your venue is a sure way of adding the extra boho touches that will really set of your chosen style. Dream catchers, candles and lights are always a prominent part of the boho trend, either having them dotted around, hanging from trees or in clusters at meeting points will get them noticed and tie in everything nicely. Dream catchers have always played a strong part in the décor, some couples have used them as a backdrop for their outdoor altar, a backdrop for photographs or simply decoration. Lighting is a sure way of adding extra romance and ambience to your wedding evening, hanging fairy lights, bistro lights, candles and lanterns or having lit up letters or words are in high demand and a fab factor for boho. Table arrangements can have lace runners, candles, pretty small colourful bouquets or green foliage acting as the runners. The theme would depend on whether you have chosen to add colour or if you’re keeping to the cool pastel tones.

For your wedding cake the most popular style is the naked cake, with it’s own trend this cake suits the boho style perfectly. It doesn’t mean you have to stick that particular type mind, the trend for boho wedding cakes are simple and elegant with flowers/foliage/sprigs decorating the tiers.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas on what a bohemian style wedding is all about. We at I DO KNOT have always loved this style and are looking forward to helping future couples plan their boho destination wedding.

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie


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