Lucky brides-to-be who are having their special day on the beach are faced with the problem of what wedding shoes to wear. Ideas of satin heeled shoes or delicate strapped kitten heels, towering heels or just plain court shoes can be dismissed as there is a new funky footwear perfect for your tootsies.

It is always said to choose your shoe before your dress incase you need to make arrangements or alterations yet this wouldn’t be needed if you didn’t wear any shoes! These delightful items are a mixture of contemporary, bohemian and soulful style. They come in an array of styles to suit your wedding dress and are available in a variety of colours.

This boho style is one that is catapulting with the brides to be, the barefoot sandals are definitely a winner (even if your not at a beach).  They will make any feet look graceful and delicate (especially matched with a pedi) and will have your guests wishing they were wearing them too!!

Whether you want small intricate beads, thin chains, pearls, diamonds, gems or jewels, appliqué flowers, charms and rhinestones, french lace, cloth, string tied or chained, colour or no colour there is an abundance of choice to be able to suit your very own wedding style.

The barefoot sandals even come in different lengths, you can choose if you want the main part of your foot covered, have the beads stop at your ankle or the design could lead to a few inches above your ankle, each giving a fabulous style. There are some with the ribbon (used for tying it together) being entwined around the lower part of the brides legs, creating a subtle sexy look.

Creative brides can even design and style their own creation by adding charms to their chains, they would need to be delicate and lightweight yet it would add an authenticity and uniqueness plus a little sentimentality. As the sandals are basically jewelry they would be easy to store as a keepsake.

They are available in a variety of colours with blue being a particular popular colour. Many brides-to-be have become braver with their option of their ‘something blue’ and have taken to having their shoes or ‘barefoot sandals’ to be their blue item. The style is gorgeous and is a real trend setter! Something I think we will see more often in future weddings!

These barefoot wedding sandals are leaving brides to be wearing fancy footwear with no thought or worry of tripping, slipping or catching their dress on their shoes. These will be perfect to walk in on the sand as they only cover the top part of the foot and ankle leaving the sole of the foot free to gracefully walk over the sand.

Are you a brave bride-to-be??

Article submitted by guest blogger Charlene McKenzie







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