Ideas for an ‘At Sea’ Wedding in Malta

Malta is a country renowned for our majestic seascapes and enviable weather, and when it comes to your special day, you could definitely make the most of them!


–>What is an “At Sea” Wedding?

Although they’re not that popular in Malta yet, at sea weddings are becoming all the rage in Europe and America – and what’s best, we have the perfect conditions for them!

As the name suggests, at sea weddings normally take place on a boat or a yacht, with the bride and groom and their closest relatives being present for a civil ceremony. Of course, you could always get married in church and then head off to a yacht for a small gathering.

Another alternative would be to have your engagement party on a yacht – just be sure to pack some seasickness pills as you never know!

Party on Sailing Boat

What Makes It Special? 

Leaving dry land and heading into the horizon is one of the most romantic ways you can spend your wedding day with your significant other, while being surrounded by those who are closest to you.

As you will be completely cut off from the stresses of every day life, at sea weddings offer a unique experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Abroad, many also choose to spend a night on the yacht, and wake up to a champagne breakfast surrounded by the majesty of the open sea.

This also allows for many magical moments that look great on camera; and with the help of a good photographer and a good videographer, you’ll create a stunning wedding album and video that you’ll be proud of.

boat wedding

What Are My Options Here In Malta?

We can help you to create the at sea wedding you’re dreaming of. There are gorgeous boats of all kinds in Malta – from typical fishing vessels to siling boats and even super yachts. You could simply take a tour of the harbours, for instance, or could travel around the Islands or all the way to Sicily.

Plus, from the right flowers to a seaside-inspired menu, we can come up with something seaworthy that will be both unusual and memorable. And all with the stunning Mediterranean as your host!


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