Weddings are a great way of celebrating the union of two people who are in love; but so many of them come and go that it’s hard to remember the individual nights. That’s why adding one or more of these cool factors to your wedding reception can leave your guests talking about yours for longer!

Photo Stand-Ins: Photo booths have become all the rage at weddings, but remember the joy photo stand-ins used to give us? Putting our faces through those holes and having our photo taken was one of the highlights of any day out, and you can remind your guests of that with a themed-one photo stand-in on your big day!

wedding wow factor

Make Your Food Fun: One of the biggest parts of any wedding is the food – who doesn’t love those canapés, aye? But why not make the food even better by adding a sense of theatricality to it? You can do this by having ice-cream trucks serving the dessert, or a taco station where guests can make their own.

wedding wow factor

Create Your Own Cocktail: A cocktail bar has become a staple at most weddings, with even molecular cocktails hitting the mainstream. To give yours a unique twist, why not get together with your mixologist to create a cocktail that reflects your life together?

wedding wow factor

Have an Artist Paint Your ‘I Do’ and then Display It! Engage an artist who is good at working under pressure to paint you and your significant other at the moment you say yours I dos. Then, have it moved to your wedding reception to allow guests to take a look at it during the festivities.

wedding Wow Factor

Get Choreographers Out on the Dance Floor: Once you’ve had your first dance, why not get a choreographer or two helping out guests with their dance moves? It will make for a great, fun and funny activity for those who take part, and it will keep everyone entertained!

wedding wow factor

As you can see, adding that wow! factor to your wedding isn’t that difficult. All it takes is a bit of planning.  Feel free to discuss any of these ideas with our professional team at I DO KNOT to guarantee an unforgettable wedding experience with many happy memories!



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