Adding a ‘Touch of Malta’ in your destination wedding

Destination weddings are great fun as they enable you and your loved ones to experience a new location together. Part of the fun comes from embracing aspects of the lifestyle, culture and food of this new place – so we’ve put together some ideas on how you can add ‘a touch of Malta’ to your big day.

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Malta, then your guests will be excited to know why you have chosen to have you day here. They will be eager to discover the traits that enticed you, and will want to experience it for themselves.

So, how can you help them to do exactly that – and to see Malta through your eyes?

Here are some ideas:

  • The most obvious place to start is the food. You could add Maltese delicacies such as pastizzi (delicious pastry-covered snacks stuffed with cheese or peas) to your menu, as they are bound to go down a treat especially during the after dinner party. For the sweets table or dessert, you cannot go wrong with bite-sized imqaret (dried dates covered in deep-fried filo-type pastry) served with cream or ice cream. Other local delicacies to tickle those tastebuds include qaghaq ta’ l-ghasal (a sweet based around treacle), ross il-forn (baked rice) and timpana (a pasta dish baked in pastry).
  • You can also add some Maltese flavour to the bar. Get your guests to try Maltese Kinnie – a soft drink made out of a blend of oranges and aromatic herbs. It’s lovely but quite bitter and, rather like Marmite, people tend to either love it or loathe it! Perhaps you could incorporate it into your ‘couple’s cocktail’ so that the flavour isn’t too overpowering? And, for those who like a tipple, there are a number of traditional Maltese liqueurs to try – including drinks made from honey, prickly pears and aniseed. Again, these can be rather an acquired taste… but they will certainly add talking points to your bar menu.
  • Give your guests something to remember Malta by forever, by incorporating Maltese products in their souvenirs or party favours. There are a plethora of products that are Malta-made and that are suitable for this purpose, including handmade soaps, jewellery, wooden gifts, sweets (perlini – sugared almonds are especially popular for weddings) and gifts made out of glass.
  • You could also incorporate the Maltese colours into your attire for the day. A touch of red is very Maltese – perhaps the flowers could include a splash of red, as could the bridal party’s outfits or, even, your bridal shoes.
  • And finally, you could also incorporate traditional means of transportation such as a horse-drawn carriage (karozzin) or if you are near the sea, you can even arrive at your reception venue on a traditional Maltese boat (luzzu or dghajsa) to the awe and amazement of your guests. You can also extend the Maltese experience to your wedding party by hiring vintage Maltese buses to carry them around. That way you really will be adding a touch of Malta, and a touch of something truly unique to your big day!


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Do you have other ideas about how you can incorporate Malta into your wedding day? Or would you like further suggestions? Drop us a line on – we’re happy to help!

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