How to achieve perfect wedding photos to cherish a lifetime!

After your wedding day and honeymoon are over and you come crashing back down to earth, it is so reassuring to know that it’s not all over yet. Yep, there is still the anticipation of waiting for your wedding photos to arrive.

Photos are so important to the whole wedding day process. They are a way of keeping your memories alive forever and can be treasured for generations to come. So, to ensure that your photos are top-notch, I Do Knot has some tips on how to perfect your pose on this very special day.

  • Step 1 – Choose a great wedding photographer. This is essential. It is no use expecting good results if the photos are not being taken by a professional in his or her field… Ask around the find one. Recently married friends will have their opinions, while online forums or your trusted wedding planner will also help you to narrow down your searches to someone you can rely on. After all, a good photographer will guide you and your guests to get the most out of the day, and will know how to maximise on the lighting, setting and ambience of the event.


  • Step 2 – Decide what kind of posed photos you want and inform your bridal party in advance. It only takes one person to ruin a photo. If you want your group photos to look ‘serious’, you don’t want your joker of a brother or uncle jumping up and down at the back making funny faces. Ask your photographer for a list of all the potential shots you could get, and narrow that down to the ones you want. This does take time to achieve, so be sure to allow plenty of leeway so that you won’t feel stressed by the schedule of other things you need to do.


  • Step 3 – Get the kiddie photos, if there are any, out of the way first thing. It is notoriously difficult to get children to stand or sit still for any amount of time. If it is possible, as well as the staged photos, also get the photographer to take some candid shots of them with you, the happy couple.


  • Step 4 – Pose like a pro. Celebrities have perfected the way a stand that puts them at their best advantage. Based on their findings, we suggest a slight angle (don’t look at the camera straight on). Then tilt your chin down and look up.


  • Step 5 – Don’t forget to smile! A smile always makes people in photos look good. After all, this is one of the happiest days of your life so let your joy shine through. When in doubt just ‘say cheese’!

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