7 ways you can do things a little differently for your wedding

Everyone loves a spot of tradition, but don’t be afraid to switch things up on your big day. There are plenty of ways you can make your wedding different from the norm if you wish, with everything from food all the way through to the location of the ceremony. Here are seven things to consider when straying from tradition for the wedding of your dreams.

Make your RSVP cards fun

You can switch up tradition even before the big day. When sending out your RSVP cards for the reception, make them different to the norm – whether they’re a reflection of your wedding’s expected theme or just a fun way of inviting your guests, it’s a great opportunity to have some fun and be creative.

The Spruce suggests turning your invitations into basic questionnaires, giving the example of asking for the couple’s “best qualities” as a fun little quirk. And another fun idea – presuming you’ll have a DJ – is to ask for song requests so they’re ready to go once the big day arrives.

Host the ceremony in a unique location

Perhaps the most important part of wedding planning is choosing where to have the event. And there’s a massive opportunity for diversity here, too – whether you want to choose a grand church or an understated registry office at home, or decide to leave it all behind in favour of an international destination, there’s plenty of choice.

Why not choose Malta as the backdrop for your dream wedding? Being in the heart of the Mediterranean means you’re able to say “I do” atop cliffs that overlook the sprawling turquoise sea. It’s a little part of paradise that will make your big day feel that little bit more special.

Arrive in fun transportation

Instead of pulling up to the ceremony in a traditional car, feel free to switch it up and make a statement with your vehicle of choice. Consider a touch of vintage with a classic car, providing you with some understated luxury. Or how about the big and bold horse and carriage arrival? You’ll certainly feel like a princess.

As it is your big day, don’t be afraid to arrive in an overblown way. Anything from stretch limos to boats can be used to pull up to your ceremony – it’s your big day, after all. And think about transport for your guests too, as shuttles and party buses will keep the celebrations going in style.

Don’t choose a traditional cake 

Why settle for a typical wedding cake? Consider going left-field and opting for something that isn’t as traditional. Ideas such as doughnut towers and even literal cheese cakes have become increasingly popular in recent years, the eccentric choices making for an unforgettable cutting the ‘cake’ moment.

And even if you do opt for a classic cake, don’t be afraid to stray from the traditional white, three-tier design you’ve come to expect. Plenty of bakers and designers are able to adapt its appearance so that it fits a theme or a particular desire you want to see in edible form.

Switch up the music at the reception

Usually a DJ is a safe bet for a wedding reception, but why not go bigger and better? Get a live band in for a spectacle, preferably one that caters to the presumably big audience your reception will have. Your guests will be dancing their way through the night with the energy of live music.

And why not have fun with it? Consider a tribute act that adds a touch of funny novelty to the day – your guests won’t be able to forget the strangely impressive Michael Jackson lookalike that serenaded them. And karaoke is always a safe bet to get the laughs going towards the end of the evening.

Involve social media

There truly is no avoiding social media wherever you are nowadays. So, use it to your advantage. Even if it’s something as simple as coming up with a hashtag your guests can post tweets, statuses and photographs under, you’ll find that there are plenty of things you can do that’ll make social media a fun addition to your day.

Not only is social media a quick and effective way to send updates to your guests about the day, it’s something that is just as useful once the day arrives. Consider Snapchat’s Geofilter feature, a filter that overlays selfies with your custom design so long as you’re in a certain location.

Don’t settle for a traditional meal

How many wedding receptions have you been to where you’re treated to a three-course sit-down meal? It doesn’t have to be that way if you don’t want it to be. Consider some fun finger foods such as cookies with shots of milk or tiny bite-sized pizzas for cuisine that’s equally as unique as it is delicious.

There’s also the opportunity to open up buffets and “food bars” for your guests – this way, they’re able to eat whenever they want to whilst the celebrations continue. Just make sure you find time to make the speeches!

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